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any of numerous small tropical fishes having body and head encased in bony plates

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Households eating Possible or probable CFP this fish [n(%)] case-patients who ate this fish before illnesss Fish 2005 (n = 340) 2006 (n = 335) [n (% of 20 case-patients total)] (a) Barracuda 21(6) 31(9) 10(50) Hogfish 46(14) 68(20) 4(20) Cero 117(33) 189(56) 2(10) Snapper 69(20) 83(26) 1(5)b Grouper 69(20) 76(23) 1(5)b Jack 36(11) 58(17) 1(5) Triggerfish 33(10) 59(18) Trunkfish 28(8) 54(16) (a) Two case-patients ate unidentified fish.
An Indo-Pacific trunkfish Tetrosomus gibbosus (Linnaeus): first record of the family Ostracionidae in the Mediterranean.
[20.] Eyo AA Shelf life of moonfish (Citharinus citharus) and trunkfish (Mormyrusrume) during storage at ambient temperature and on ice.
A two-hour snorkel o a long, shoreline reef follows an impromptu beach picnic, and my California friends an l get acquainted with some trunkfish, colorful snake eels, and myriad other marine lift Union Island and Mayreau prove the be part of the trip for sun and sea pastimes, an those of us who count critters add several new species to our list.
Other common taxa included juvenile hawksbill turtles, spiny lobster, yellow stingrays, squirrelfish, surgeonfish, trunkfish, barracudas, and black durgons (see Table 1 for scientific names).
They had caught several hundred specimens of snowy and red hind groupers, spotfin butterflyfish, bluespotted cornetfish, and crevalle jack; a single trunkfish and red goatfish; and a number of fish that go by the name of permit.