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line that is the main route on a railway

a telephone line connecting two exchanges directly

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Officials said all three trunk lines were back in operation in about 36 hours.
Three large maple trees on the Common are to be razed in the months ahead because they pose a hazard to a National Grid trunk line that runs diagonally across the Common.
DM Robichaud had recently completed a pilot project and inspected 11 miles of sewer trunk lines using RedZone robotic multi-sensor equipment.
While trunk lines have to manage heavy traffic loads, the performance of security systems has to be scalable to keep up.
In addition, cost savings are made through reductions in trunk lines, maintenance, upgrades and energy costs, the company claims.
Zhao Chunlei, deputy director of the Regulation Department of the Ministry of Railways, said the railways would focus on transporting coal and restoring the capacity of trunk lines over the next 10 days.
Specifically, the AFD offers: adjustable flow restriction to adjust for static regain, reduced in-duct turbulence at outlets or at fittings, staged inflation and reduced abrupt start-ups, balanced airflow and static pressure in trunk lines and branch ducts and reduced maintenance requirements of static flow straightening devices.
Our modern railway engineers have lost that sense of the heroic and the sublime that characterized the work of those pioneers--Stephenson, Locke, Brunel--who created the first trunk lines that crossed the landscape of Britain in the 1830s and '40s.
If installed in the past 10 years, each EPBX should have the capabilities of interfacing with the newer high-capacity digital telephone lines that most local or regional telephone companies offer as an alternative to POTS (plain old telephone system) trunk lines. A trunk is a communication line between an institution's EPBX and the larger exchange switch at the local telephone company that carries only one telephone call at a time.
Lucent Technologies 5E-XC high-capacity tandem switch supports up to 256,000 trunk lines, compared to 92,000 trunks on an existing 5ESS switch.
The brochure provides specifications and features on photodiodes and laser diodes for use in optical trunk lines, broadcasting, and high-speed LAN communications systems, as well as photodiodes, photo Cs, and LEDs for slower speed optical links used for factory and office automation, home networking, and vehicle mounting.
During the past thirty years, trunk lines have spun off vast portions of their railroad networks and operations to smaller regional and short lines.
The Strata CS Version 4.0 is a server-based business communications system that can be connected via the Internet, intranet and/or regular trunk lines. The system is compatible with Dialogic's series of telephony cards based on the PCI form factor, and provides a maximum capacity of 96 trunks and 264 telephone stations.
Telmex is accused of delaying months before providing access to digital trunk lines necessary for Internet services and setting up punitive charging for long-distance interconnection fees.