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line that is the main route on a railway

a telephone line connecting two exchanges directly

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To connect the laterals to the trunk line, Inserta Tee units from ADS were used.
According to the company, it will construct a 35 kilometre gas gathering trunk line to connect the Tony Creek, Alberta and Fox Creek, Alberta areas to its Duvernay I facility.
Its interests in OML29 and the Nembe Creek Trunk Line were assigned to Aiteo Eastern E/P Co.
The local administrations in cooperation with local government bodies, State Agency for Environmental Protection, State Inspectorate for Environmental and Technical Safety should provide required land plots to Kyrgyztelecom for a temporary use of 25 years necessary for installation of the high-speed fiber optic trunk line.
Similarly, trunk sewer lines would be laid down in Chak No.204-RB at a cost of Rs 30 million, a trunk line in Elahi Abad with a cost of Rs 75 million whereas Rs 3.5 million would be spent on remodeling of Sitiana Road drain, Rs 128 million on remodeling of water channel No.1 with, Rs 75 million on remodeling of Chibban water channel and Rs 605 million on laying of sewer line at Bao Wala.
200 million more now to complete the project, which involves laying 22 km trunk line along Peshawar Road and 2 underground and overhead tanks at Aliabad and 502 Workshop at Adiala Road.
Parts of the Tomei expressway, the trunk line between Tokyo and Nagoya, became impassable.
Beijing, June 30(ANI): The trunk line of the world's longest natural gas pipeline, or main line of China's second west-to-east natural gas pipeline, went into operation today.
THE ONGC oil leak appears to have been caused by the anchor wire rope of a construction barge working in the vicinity hitting the sub- sea valve assembly of the Mumbai High trunk line, according to a company statement released on Sunday.
The gas plant includes sub-sea wells; an offshore, unmanned wellhead platform; a 180 km trunk line; an onshore LNG plant and associated infrastructure.
Three large maple trees on the Common are to be razed in the months ahead because they pose a hazard to a National Grid trunk line that runs diagonally across the Common.
Among other prizes, the Special Jury Prize went to ''The Western Trunk Line'' directed by Li Jixian, the Award for Best Director to director Peter Howitt for ''Dangerous Parking,'' the Award for Best Actress to Shefali Shah in ''Gandhi My Father'' and the Award for Best Actor to Damian Ul in ''Tricks.''
In the first phase of the project, completed in 2002, NEC installed the trunk line of a 2,500km-long fiber optical network linking the major cities of Uzbekistan with microwave communications system and public digital switching systems.
Through further tests, KEPCO aims to make these technologies feasible for commercial use in trunk line communications between large cities.