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hinged lid for a trunk

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The dramatic new appearance is highlighted by Hyundais bold new Cascading Grille in front, and an all-new rear with more prominent branding and relocation of the license plate from the trunk lid to the bumper.
The trunk, trunk lid, engine cross member, rear side members, roof and doors are made with aluminum.
The low and wide radiator grille makes the hood appear longer and sleeker, which is counter balanced by the raised trunk lid, shifting the side profile architecture to a more dynamic attitude.
The rear of the new Altima is marked by a new sculpted bumper with a dark lower accent, a new trunk lid and lower, wider boomerang-shaped combination lights that help provide a more expressive, higher quality appearance when approaching the vehicle from behind.
Sleek styling from the cabin toward the trunk lid enhances the sporty impression of the sedan style.
The car's side sections, roof frame, hood, doors and trunk lid are completely made out of aluminum.
The new model features more aggressive styling than its predecessor, with a new hood, front fenders, grille, front and rear bumpers, trunk lid and available LED headlights and taillights.
As the name implies, most hatchbacks have a rear hatch as opposed to a trunk lid, meaning access to the cargo area is much more accommodating.
The Edition 30 treatment includes a red line across the grille, a trunk lid spoiler, some contrasting upholstery stitching, a few bits of carbon-fiber trim and the critically important Edition 30 badging.
The face of the car gets a new grille and redesigned bumper, with the rear receiving a more substantial upgrade in the form of a new trunk lid and rear bumper.
At K 2013 Bayer showcased a prototype of a trunk lid that it said demonstrated the lightweight but ultra-stiff properties of its latest technology, designed to reduce the energy consumption of a vehicle whilst providing both the stability required as well as a smooth surface.
The Alpha GT- R retains the appearance of the stock GT- R, though AMS can replace the hood, roof, and trunk lid with carbon- fibre versions of those components.
Have you ever needed to tie down your trunk lid after buying that new lawn mower?
And by a quick reading of the model name on the trunk lid of the car, Francis didn't use the top-notch, 12-cylinder, 450-horsepower Phaeton that VW CEO Bernd Pischetsrieder gave his fellow German Benedict XVI as a gift in 200x.
The lower half of the side mirrors, the air-inlet grille lamellas, the air vent grille on the side designed specifically for the turbo model, the trim on the trunk lid and the rear diffuser are all in platinum silver metallic.