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hinged lid for a trunk

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In a second step, the top and bottom of the trunk lid are joined and the resulting hollow space is filled with Bayer's 'Baysafe' polyurethane foam.
He autographed the letter on the trunk lid after reading enough of it, ".
You can get an optional package for the boot, with hooks, a net and a power outlet, a reversable mat and a trunk lid that automatically opens.
Everything was OK until I returned home and opened the trunk lid to find that the small container had tipped over and emptied its contents into the trunk.
For the exterior, the Civic's highly stable, low center-of-gravity form is enhanced with a louvered intake with variable alignment in response to vehicle speed, a trunk lid spoiler, and a diffuser, which supplement the vehicle's flat bottom to achieve outstanding aerodynamic performance.
The hardtop can be raised or lowered with one touch of a button while on the move and takes just 22 seconds to fold clamshell-style beneath the double-hinged trunk lid.
His R/C-controlled linear actuators open the trunk lid to reveal an air cannon that shoots snow and toys attached to miniature parachutes.
When you have an incident such as a barricaded suspect, the sergeant used to have to operate from the trunk lid of a patrol car,'' said Officer John Gidowski with the LAPD Incident Command Post Unit.
We even found that if the wind became too vigorous we could be nicely protected by pulling the trunk lid down so it was only open a crack.
Darkened tail-lights and a chrome strip on the trunk lid emphasise the open-air Astra's exclusive appearance.
About the size of a tape measure, it has a retractable, heavy duty nylon cord and steel hooks that attach to the trunk lid and the vehicle's body.
There is a new grille, headlights, tail lights, bumpers and trunk lid.
Unique Fabrication supplied a custom front lip, rear spoiler and custom trunk lid, and the exterior was finished in a custom Kylie Tjin Axalta green paint job.