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a low bed to be slid under a higher bed

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The home has two queen beds, two singles (trundle beds), and a sleeper sofa.
14 the Economy Secretariat announced the elimination of some compensatory quotas for products originating from China (footwear, chinaware and ceramic table wares, trundle beds, etc.), as well as other products originating from the United States (gasoline additives.
Despite her well-detailed manias, such as for the good scotch unavailable in repressive Santa Varvara and for sleeping, coffinlike, in trundle beds, Stephanie Delacour is rarely more than wispy as a character or narrator; that the stories she files are not always those her editor is interested in, is perhaps indicative of a problematic status of narrative itself in fin-de-siecle culture.
Single trundle beds with a hideaway second bed are perfect for this and there's a great choice on the High Street now.
Some of its cribs convert to twin-sized trundle beds, daybeds or bunk beds.
"If you are pressed for space, you can use trundle beds."
Height was addressed by lowering the profile of the mattress, making it more compatible and safer for trundle beds, daybeds and bunk beds -- the beds commonly used by kids.
Don't buy trundle beds (two singles where the second pulls out underneath) as you're restricted in how to furnish the rest of the room.
The surveys define furniture as juvenile if a crib is part of the format, and as youth furniture when youth beds, bunk beds or trundle beds are included.