truncation error

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(mathematics) a miscalculation that results from cutting off a numerical calculation before it is finished

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N] f is the truncation error of the generalized Jacobi series.
However, even in the case of Hankel-band-limited functions, the number of degrees of freedom and the truncation error bounds have not thus far been computed.
A modification method proposed by Sjoberg (1984) allows minimization of the truncation error, the influence of erroneous gravity data and geopotential coefficients in the least squares sense.
In order to compute the truncation error we use the Taylor series expansion with a different notation: for t [member of] [R.
1 the composite trapezoidal truncation error can be bounded by
In this case, let us consider no error in the geopotential model where the only error source will be the truncation error of the integral formula.
Key words and phrases: Interpolation error, extremal function, multidimensional sampling theorem, Whittaker-Kotel'nikov-Shannon sampling formula, Paley-Wiener function class, sharp truncation error upper bound, random fields, Frechet--(semi-) variation, weak Cramer class random fields.
where c [member of] N and the truncation error [[delta].
is desired quadrature rule of precision nine for the approximate evaluation of and truncation error committed in this approximation is given by
As a consequence, by taking N terms of the series in (5), we cannot have a truncation error that is bounded by
The fact that u'' (t) is continuous will be used in determining a bound for the truncation error.
This work concerns with the truncation error for the corresponding sampling expansion.
In solving boundary-value problems, multigrid methods can provide computable estimates of the truncation error by comparing discretizations on grids of different mesh sizes.
Truncation errors in the Stokes and Vening Meinesz formulae for different order spherical harmonic gravity terms.