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the property of being truncated or short


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the replacement of an edge or solid angle (as in cutting a gemstone) by a plane (especially by a plane that is equally inclined to the adjacent faces)

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the act of cutting short

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As a primary service to merchant clients IOB offers a check Ranger based truncation system to collect negotiable instruments such as checks and demand drafts from other banks.
In fact, if an asterisk is added to the end of a phrase, truncation is performed.
The strategic partnership would place Batelco as a backbone partner facilitating the network infrastructure and business continuity and disaster recovery site for Benefit's major services such as Bahrain cheque truncation system (BCTS), the National ATM and POS switch and lately the Electronic Funds Transfer System (EFTS).
NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), a provider of consumer transaction technologies, and National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) announced on Wednesday the successful completion of the landmark Cheque Truncation System (CTS) project in India.
Local Truncation Errors Global Truncation Errors and Round-off Errors; associated with an algorithm are crucial to be analyzed for the algorithm to be of any use.
This process, called truncation, is the fastest and most secure mode for clearing cheques.
A theoretical condition to assure the convergence of the method for the case of a circular mesh truncation boundary is obtained: the truncation boundary must be placed at a distance greater than a minimum one from the scatter (typically very close from the surface of the scatter).
Check truncation has not yet resulted in overall gains in economic efficiency for the Federal Reserve or for a sample of banks while Federal Reserve and bank officials expect efficiencies in the future.
Truncation can be used to expand a search from a word stem.
The Act provides for voluntary check truncation in the clearing process.
Check truncation makes it possible to move checks through the collection process digitally rather than by the more costly and slower physical transportation of paper checks by trucks and airplanes.
an NAA NSC member and provider of Enterprise Class Web-based technology for the real estate industry, now offers client property management companies the ability to process resident check payments electronically onsite via "check truncation.
In solving boundary-value problems, multigrid methods can provide computable estimates of the truncation error by comparing discretizations on grids of different mesh sizes.
A trend currently in development is called check truncation.
Alternative definitions of soft truncation could conceivably result in different validity statistics.