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the property of being truncated or short


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the replacement of an edge or solid angle (as in cutting a gemstone) by a plane (especially by a plane that is equally inclined to the adjacent faces)

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the act of cutting short

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Now, research from Harvard University and the UK's National Oceanography Centre points to an answer both as mundane as a decimal point truncation and as complicated as global politics.
* phrases: double quotes, truncation, field codes, and automatic mapping
It contains a variety of trap types, such as low-relief dip closures, updip stratigraphic truncations, and thin-skinned thrust complexes.
The usual truncation rule consists in choosing a maximum polynomial degree l, which means preserving all polynomials associated to the set [A.sup.M,l] = {[lambda] [member of] [N.sup.M] : [[parallel][lambda][parallel].sub.1] = [[summation].sup.M.sub.i=1] [[lambda].sub.i] [less than or equal to] l}.
As a primary service to merchant clients IOB offers a check Ranger based truncation system to collect negotiable instruments such as checks and demand drafts from other banks.
Besides, the influential factors including pile diameter, pile spacing, depth of truncation, and existence of a weak layer are also systematically investigated from a practical point of view.
Stability and local truncation error of the NSFD scheme are examined in Section 3.
If data truncation is not effectively compensated for, it will result in cupping-like artifacts and incorrect gray-value levels in the reconstruction.
We truncated the terminal bronchi to get a truncated model with 22 outlets to investigate the influence of truncation on airflow.
His analysis was more favorable toward AON than Amador's, but with 2 changes to Hoffman's procedure: (a) calculating the average of a fixed number of results ("block average"), rather than the daily average of a variable number of results, and (b) setting truncation limits based on the distribution of results rather than the reference interval.
Among them, we can mention the homogenization and the truncation processes.
The shifting approach eliminates the numerical difficulties with fitting that the truncation approach often encounters.
Balanced truncation [12], modal analysis [13], and singular perturbation [14] are popular methods to reduce the linear plant model when developing a controller.
The methodology relies on truncation of nonlinear partial differential equations governing the dynamics of structural members in a way that gives an approximated set containing a large number of nonlinear ordinary differential equations modelling real objects with infinite degrees of freedom.
Bahraini operator telco Batelco has taken a step forward as part of its digitisation plans by entering into a collaboration agreement with Benefit, the Kingdom's national processor of ATM and POS switch, Bahrain cheque truncation and Electronic Fund Transfer services.