truncated pyramid

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a frustum formed from a pyramid

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A: Pyramidal; B: Truncated pyramid; C: Laminar smooth; D: Laminar spiniform; E: Laminar irregular.
Near the entrance, a tripod supporting a truncated pyramid, like some sort of telescope or binoculars, aroused the curiosity of the viewer, who of course could not help but approach the slotlike opening in hope of discovering its contents: Music Man, 2009, an animated video by painter Tala Madani.
The welcoming, tent-like form of the church is generated by twisting a truncated pyramid, which Corvalan describes as 'more of a covered plaza' than a building, emphasised by the roughly paved floor and ceramic mosaic cladding resembling broken eggshells (a low-budget version of Gaudi).
Fabricated from molded and machined PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) acrylic, the light guides are assembled to form a truncated pyramid that is part of a Ring Image Cherenkov Counter, which is positioned under the AMS-02, with its ultimate goal being to detect and identify charged particles, specifically those associated with dark, missing, or antimatter.
Great Seal (that haloed eye hovering over a truncated pyramid), a casual browser could be forgiven for suspecting Scott of being a conspiracy theorist of a depressingly familiar type.
Any gourmet worthy of the name has to sample the ash and sea salt-covered truncated pyramid of delight that is Cerney.
Solar cells will cover three sides of the Mercury Planetary Orbiter, which will be shaped like a truncated pyramid.
In the Netherlands, the scale was presented in the `shape of a truncated pyramid, with the bottom boxes wider than those in the middle and top' (Smith 1995, P.
With these data, each of the 12 stem stretches was approximated as a truncated pyramid composed by 16 equal trapezoidal sides, or facets.
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