truncated cone

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a frustum formed from a cone

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This only happened when hand-chambering these rounds, and the gun had no issue with jacketed hollowpoints, truncated cones and so forth, and when shooting the gun ran flawlessly.
[It] is so formed that when placed on a dog's neck and fastened, it takes the form of a truncated cone with the base of the cone extending forwardly in the direction of the dog's mouth, thereby forming a barrier between the dog's mouth and any part of his body upon which he desired to chew or gnaw or to bite himself."
where [r.sub.1] is radius of the top surface of truncated cone; [r.sub.2] is radius of the bottom surface of truncated cone; and h is height of the truncated cone.
The tip has a right truncated cone shape with 2d of base and 1d of top surface with an altitude of 2d, as shown in Figure 1(a).
Introduce the concepts of a cone and a truncated cone with three-dimensional models that students can examine.
A copper-clad truncated cone .400 inch in diameter and 180 grains going a nominal 900 feet-per-second penetrates like you can't believe.
(16) The molecular structure of cyclodextrins resembles a doughnut or truncated cone. Cyclodextrins derive from the action of the bacterial enzyme cyclodextrin glucosyltransferase (EC on food starch.
The setup is a radio-frequency resonant cavity shaped like a truncated cone, with one round end then larger than the other.
The takke can be in the shape of a truncated cone or a simple skull cap.
In this paper, we utilize a combined ground structure with a hollow truncated cone ground plane and a metallic rectangle plate to obtain a wider 3 dB CP beamwidth which is more than 150[degrees].
Jacketed, truncated cone bullets, like the Winchester 147-grain 9mm FMJ, might be the least likely to glance off.
As expected, this latest edition of Suspense pays attention to these types of minute details and notes that the shako is a "rather elaborate military cap in the shape of a truncated cone with a peak or plume" (353).
Besides, the dish, which was supposed to direct the light upwards in the form of a truncated cone with a wide apex angle from the top of the column, hangs at a jaunty angle because the ring of plastic that had supported it, snapped and fell off.
To validate the accuracy of the proposed parallel Higher-order basis MoM methodology, two "Case Studies" are illustrated: (1) a linear antenna mounted on the top of the truncated cone to calculate its radiation pattern; (2) two linear antennas mounted at the different location of the truncated cone to calculate their isolations in a frequency range.
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