truncated cone

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a frustum formed from a cone

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A full cone (A) extends from beneath the eye to the back of the throat, while a truncated cone (B), extends from beneath the eye to the front opening of the mouth.
On the interior of the ring are found apolar hydrogens and etherlike oxygens that result in a relatively hydrophobic space within the truncated cone.
10 would involve a division by zero, but it is a better approximation for a truncated cone, as in these experiments.
The characteristics to the truncated cone are presented in Fig.
Made of mammoth ivory, it has the shape of a truncated cone with a narrow, vertical perforation through the centre.
As you head west from the city, its truncated cone, shrouded in clouds, towers above flat cornfields.
The shroud itself is shaped like a tube connected to a truncated cone.
The A scale is used for soft rubbers and elastomers and type C for medium hard rubbers and plastics; both types use a truncated cone shaped indentor.
The Ziger is pressed in a hard green "St[ddot{o}]ckli" having the form of a truncated cone.
This batch-type unit is said to be unique in having a truncated cone bottom.
Each structure is assembled from pairs of small diameter poles to form a tube or truncated cone.
21 metres in height (4ft) and has a base shaped like a truncated cone from which stems a long shaft topped with a bowl-shaped reservoir.
The cone of the instrument is a radiant electrical heater in the shape of a truncated cone, which irradiates a flat horizontal sample, 100 mm by 100 mm by up to 50 mm thick, at a present heating flux of up to 100 kW/[m.
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