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Synonyms for truncated

cut short in duration

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terminating abruptly by having or as if having an end or point cut off


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Building a truncated pier was one of the conditions of being allowed to dismantle the old unstable structure.
We've increased the variety of stock and custom ADA signage we provide, as well as disabled parking signs and truncated domes."
'Nigeria as the largest black nation in the globe cannot afford crisis because of the huge effect it would have on the continent and the entire global democratic community if democracy is truncated.
Nevertheless, instead of changing the feeding structure of the antenna, there are many different methods that could also result in the antenna being circularly polarized such as the modification of the slot structure using various shape slits [10], adding a pair of inverted L [11], implementing truncated corners [12], introducing a parasitic patch [13, 14], placing a parasitic unequal linear slots [15], T-shaped slot [16], or S-shaped slot [17], using two-diode controlled slot [18], and changing the main slot structure into a set of small square slots with multiple rectangular arms [19].
This study examines theoretically the multivariate nonparametric regression influenced by spatial heterogeneity with truncated spline approach.
Truncated Toeplitz operators (TTO) are compressions of the standard Toeplitz operators on the Hardy space [H.sup.2] to its coinvariant, the so-called model space [K.sup.2.sub.u].
Although councillors backed plans to dismantle the pier, there are steps being taken to redevelop a "truncated pier" in its place.
Therefore, a stabilizing pile with a pile head truncated at a certain depth underneath the slope surface is more economical and rational than a conventional full length pile.
The lingula is a structure that varies in size and shape, which may be truncated, triangular, nodular or assimilated (Tuli et al, 2000).
In the present paper we tested the hypothesis that an upper truncated Pareto distribution (i.e., a Pareto distribution in which the probability range is limited rather than infinite) can improve the modelling of the empirical crater SFD presented in [1].
The BJP leader said the India is under cartographic attack by Microsoft and other American companies who he accused of using truncated Indian maps which show entire Kashmir in Pakistan and Aksai Chin in China.
The purpose of this exercise is to use a simple model (one full cone + one truncated cone) of the feeding mechanism of the Goliath Grouper to determine:
The truncated or deletion mutant showed prominent apoptosis cell viability declination after ERS induction.
French tank producer LeJeune developed an inverted, truncated tank that is designed to create a cap that's more permeable and flexible for punchdowns and pumpovers.
The patients in the first arm will also receive the chemotherapy plus placebo, patients in the second arm will receive chemotherapy with one truncated course of demcizumab every three weeks for four doses.