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Synonyms for trumpetfish

tropical Atlantic fish with a long snout

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A giant green humphead wrasse swam alongside me, a self-appointed tour guide apparently determined to introduce me to scurrying hermit crabs, trees of staghorn coral, and a band of trumpetfish preening as if to toot their own horns, Magical.
And the fish!--bannerfish, b atfish, boxfish, butterflyfish, clownfish, lionfish, Picassofish, pufferfish, surgeonfish, triggerfish, trumpetfish, unicornfish....
Drew (636) 583-3182 USS Trumpetfish SS-425: Robert M.
A white trumpetfish drifts past, long, narrow, positively un-fishlike.
When D'Auria turned 18 he joined the Navy, where he served for four years as an electrician aboard the USS Trumpetfish (SS-425) - a World War II, Guppy-class, attack submarine.
The nine-night Trumpetfish Island Holiday costs from pounds 1,536 pp (two sharing) including flights (London), breakfast and transfers.
Squirrelfish V Holocentrus adscensionis Squirrelfish V T Holocentrus marianus Longjaw squirrelfish T Holocentrus rufus Longspine squirrelfish T Aulostomidae Aulostomas maculatus Trumpetfish V Serranidae Hypoplectrus sp.