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large pure white wild swan of western North America having a sonorous cry

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But these students and their teachers already loved creative writing, poetry, and--it turned out--YouTube videos of trumpeter swans stealing graham crackers from toddlers.
Bush told Sondra that a fire-breathing trumpeter swan flock
Trumpeter swan diets could not be determined because this species is protected from hunting.
These changes could explain why more peripheral areas of the current trumpeter swan breeding range were not used until later years, after additional warming had occurred.
The trumpeter swan is the largest waterfowl species in North America.
Editor's note: According to one of the scientists cited in the article, Joe Johnson of Michigan State University's Kellogg Bird Sanctuary, estimates of the trumpeter swan's original range are based partly on the writings of French hunters and explorers in North America.
- We documented trumpeter swan activities on winter and spring-use areas from December 1989 through May 1990.
In one scene, Jon-Paul was working with a trumpeter swan. The director wanted Jon-Paul to walk toward the swan.
These are corporations which destroy wildlife habitat and give partial financing for mountain goat and woodland caribou studies, trumpeter swan recovery programs, etc., and direct grants to some environmental organizations, providing their efforts are suitably publicized.
White's "The Trumpet of the Swan," following and cheering on Louis, the Trumpeter Swan, who was born without a voice, and who spent his life learning how to love and how to overcome his lack of a voice by playing a trumpet?
There are six new species, too; trumpeter swan, common eider, black vulture, merlin, sandhill crane, and Wilson's phalarope have all become established breeders since the first atlas.
Matteson, an avian ecologist who heads Wisconsin's trumpeter swan recovery program, was on a mission to inspect and extract precious 12- ounce eggs from trumpeter swan nests in the Minto Flats area of east- central Alaska, home of the largest remaining pocket of these native birds.
"We had a trumpeter swan doing the backstroke," she remembers.
Graceful afloat and in flight, the magnificent trumpeter swan has become a metaphor for all that is wild and beautiful and worth saving in the habitats of North America.