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Synonyms for trumpeter

a musician who plays the trumpet or cornet

(formal) a person who announces important news


large gregarious crane-like bird of the forests of South America having glossy black plumage and a loud prolonged cry

large pure white wild swan of western North America having a sonorous cry

References in classic literature ?
If our trumpeter can borrow a note from the doomsday trumpet blast, let him sound it now.
Rostov was not far from the trumpeters, and with his keen sight had recognized the Tsar and watched his approach.
And I order that the present judgment shall be cried, with the assistance of four sworn trumpeters, in the seven castellanies of the viscomty of Paris.
The trumpeters sounded their spirited marches; the drummers signalized their strength; the streets were overflowing with soldiers, servants, and tradespeople.
At last a great blast of bugles sounded, and into the meadow came riding six trumpeters with silver trumpets, from which hung velvet banners heavy with rich workings of silver and gold thread.
com)-- The Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory announced another major increase in the reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for illegally shooting the well-known Trumpeter Swan, Chuck, on Thanksgiving day in 2017.
South African trumpeter Hugh Masekela will perform at Dubai Opera on December 11.
23) Not only does Sellman name the trumpeter, he implies that Jackson was employed on the voyage specifically as a trumpeter (even though in this case he was--like most members of the crew on such long and dangerous voyages--undertaking another job as well).
Nine young trumpeter swans were recently released from captivity into the wild marshes of Summer Lake Wildlife Management Area as part of an ongoing project to restore a viable breeding population of the birds to Eastern Oregon.
SCOTTISH jazz trumpeter Bruce Adams, a player renowned for his dramatic musicianship and affable nature, will open the new Huddersfield Jazz season of gigs at The Keys Restaurant.
Grammy-winning trumpeter Chris Botti, vocalist Cassandra Wilson and Dr.
You'll know the call," said the Trumpeter tall, "When my trumpet goes a-speakin'.
We surveyed free-ranging Canada geese (Branta canadensis), trumpeter swans (Cygnus buccinator), mute swans (Cygnus olor), and mallards (Anas platyrhynchos) to estimate the prevalence of antibodies to avian bornavirus (ABV) and of cloacal shedding of ABV RNA in southern Ontario, Canada.
Following the retirement of Tommy the Trumpeter, South Tyneside Council is launching Kids' Fun Fest involving a variety of children's entertainers.
The highlight of the event is a performance by a talented trumpeter, who adds to the poignancy of the occasion.