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the section of a band or orchestra that plays trumpets or cornets

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This player is responsible for tonally linking the trumpet section to the trombone section, and therefore unifying the brass section's sound (Ingram, 2008; Kelly, 2009).
Bridgend-born Huw Morgan, a regular member of Sinfonia Cymru's trumpet section, will perform Haydn's Trumpet Concerto in E Flat.
Now in her senior year, she is the trumpet section leader and thrilled to have a big solo.
THE trumpet section of the London Symphony Orchestra and a box of fireworks.
Michael Fleming, center, performs with the trumpet section of the ensemble.
Fat Chops appear at the Fletch in Coventry on Monday and don't be surprised if John senior is in the trumpet section - not to mention daughter Joanne on piano.
Then the trumpet section initiates the calypso rhythms in which Trinidadian singer Ozzie Bailey sings,
When I got up from the piano, Fats Palmer looked across at my empty seat in the trumpet section and cracked a joke, 'Where's Dizzy, man?
Whether it was the braying of a trumpet section, the almost unendurable richness of the Ellington reed section or the languid sensuality of Lester Young's saxophone, jazz introduced a whole new musical vocabulary of emotion and meaning.
The event began with fanfare music provided by members of the Houston Symphony trumpet section.
There were musical echoes in the form of the trumpet section playing outside the Hall in the slow, pastoral opening movement, before the speed and enthusiasm increased with a movement built around an Austrian waltz.
he urges), but some tense moments break out as when the trumpet section is trying to fathom what he's asking of them although perhaps not trying hard enough to do so
But I know they are joking, because last practice when my daughter the conductor asked our little trumpet section to try a new note, she said: Great
Renovation of the rear track wall covering, the ceiling, pillars and elevator clothing, renewal of the platform service space, renewal of fixed access stairs to the porches, replacement of porches, remodeling of operating and ancillary spaces in the trumpet section un the lobbies, renewal of outputs including stairways, repair work on the load-bearing reinforced concrete structure
Particularly fine was the trumpet section, led by Greg McEwan with masses of confident aplomb both on the "normal" instrument and the shrillingly querulous piccolo version.