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Synonyms for trumpet


blow your own trumpet


Synonyms for trumpet

a brass musical instrument with a brilliant tone

proclaim on, or as if on, a trumpet

play or blow on the trumpet

Related Words

utter in trumpet-like sounds

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He added that while the golden trumpet trees bloom in March, the pink and white trumpet trees bloom in their city in April.
At present, rail travellers are confronted with a concrete embankment supporting the trumpet loop road.
It worked out well for the 30-year-old who now plays as many as 200 shows a year combining his unique jazz trumpet and electronic dance music.
Since he was a child Trumpet Major Screen said he can remember seeing the state trumpeters on television and deciding then that he wanted to join their ranks.
Nice canonic solo work by the trumpets, as well as the horn and trombone.
He has held the position of sub-principal trumpet with the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra since 2004, and he is currently a trumpet professor at the Music Schools of Cyprus.
Local authorities said that over the last few years the trumpet trees have been popular tourist destinations this time of year, however the recent earthquake in the area has scared off visitors.
to cast a shadow again must be of serious weight, heft, and color, able to maintain a clear presence against the clarion timbre of the trumpet. The songs suit the color and size of the lyric baritone voice exceptionally well.
For the Double Barrel Technique, two nasal trumpets are placed (one longer nasal trumpet and one shorter nasal trumpet) before the patient is extubated.
Glausi, a University of Oregon alumnus and teacher, has been playing the trumpet for 13 years.
"Doug is not only a great trumpet player, he is also a great improviser who's main goal is to fully embody the essence of all of the different styles he plays." - Eric Benny Bloom (Lettuce/the Shady Horns)
The black-and-white artwork in *Instrumental *is dynamic and inventive, perfectly illustrating both the transcendence of music, and Tom's struggle as he falls under the influence of the trumpet and everything it represents.
28 December 2016 - US-based African-American network Bounce TV has acquired all assets of African-American achievement award event The Trumpet Awards in an agreement with The Trumpet Awards Foundation, the company said.
The author is a well-respected scholar of the trumpet and its history with numerous books and articles to her credit, including Fanfares and Finesse: A Performer's Guide to Trumpet History and Literature (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2014), and several important articles in the International Trumpet Guild Journal, on whose editorial staff she serves.