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As usual, a great proportion was trumpery which had begun to accumulate in his father's day.
I couldn't catch the name the first time, and the second time master knocked at the door, with his regular mouthful of questions, and another of his trumpery nosegays.
He turns coiner, and runs away without a word to me beforehand, and writes me a trumpery note, without a date to it, without a farthing of money in it, telling me nothing
This yer religion is all a mess of lying trumpery, Tom.
A permission to live on the coast from the Chief, a plot on which to build the store house or settlement, further territory acquired by Treaty in return for a few trumpery presents, interference with native rights and customs, consequent retaliation by the stoppage of trade roads, the fight, large or small, where the primitive arrow and spear were opposed to modern rifles, the natives trying to drive the intruders from their territories back into the sea, sometimes successfully for a time; but the end always the same - more rifles and guns come over the sea and the Chief's town is burnt.
For a trumpery claim of damages was established, and not a single dollar did Covert pay for the work.
All these movements have taken great heart from the Brexit vote and from the astonishing march of Trumpery across the Atlantic.
adjacency that I guess you could say "commented" as much on Prince's trumpery as on the image they'd posted the day before, the first posting in over a month, of a woman's snowy "globes.
com/dictionary/trumpery) meaning of trumpery 6 according to Merriam-Webster 6 literally means worthless nonsense, trivial or useless articles.
The violence of our time is compounded by the fact that we also live in an age of "trumpery" I borrow this term from Shakespeare, who foresaw Americans' current plight when he coined trumpery to mean "fancy garments or showy rubbish.
She pledges to make Britain "the greatest country on Earth" - a vaunting bit of Trumpery.
Ever since I stumbled on a March 1992 Time cover story on the death of the American Dream and "The Angry Voter," I have been skeptical about glib linkages between economic anxiety and the trumpery of the primaries.
Cervantes mars this admission as costly; he had "a mind to have exposed [the book] as naked as it was born, without the addition of a preface, of or the numberless trumpery of commendatory sonnets, epigrams, and other poems that usually usher in the conceptions of authors.
It would be down, but not out -- any more than Trumpery will be out if he slips down the polls.
Put on a woman like Margery, such sartorial items could become "trash, trumpery, vanity" (17.