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Synonyms for trump card

something, especially something held in reserve, that gives one a decisive advantage

Synonyms for trump card

a playing card in the suit that has been declared trumps


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WHILE there is yet to be an official confirmation on the total number of players that every franchise will be allowed to retain at the auction of the seventh edition of the Indian Premier League ( IPL), rumours have been rife that each team will be allowed to retain eight players -- five under the retention clause and three via trump cards.
She played her trump card when offering the miners appealing redundancy payments just weeks before Christmas.
Dnevnik has learned from the election committee of the party that their mayoral candidates' biggest trump card in the local poll on 24 March will be the projects for raising the number of employees in the municipal administration.
Players may continue to try to buy the trump card or even to purchase cards that are face down on the chance that they will be high.
It's trump card is something Ford calls the Easy Access Door System, different to anything we've ?
QUETTA -- West Indian captain Darren Sammy admitted off-spinner Sunil Narine will be his trump card to exploit England's weakness against slow bowlers in the Super Eights match here on Thursday.
Macedonia in Chicago has a valuable trump card - the Judgment of the International Court of Justice in which it is explicitly said that Greece, contrary to the Interim Accord, objected to Macedonia's integration into international institutions, NATO in this particular case.
Team North East, captained by Ian Lavery MP, have gone for Mill Spartacus, who struck for them in qualifying at Doncaster, and he will take on two other jokers in the last leg of the night, with the Dunham Devils and The Mad Hatters also playing their trump card.
The economy was the trump card that helped the incumbent government win the elections in 2006.
All parties have used this trump card when an election is due for many years and it never happens.
However, should Gringo disagree with the conditions, it is up to Bonita to decide whether to use her trump card or to quit and escape from the stifling stress caused by Gringo.
This is not the first time a 100 percent mineral substrate has been developed, of course, but if this new material performs as well as its promoters affirm, then the ecological argument could be a trump card - which Richards is quick to play: "EnPLUS is based on natural rock minerals that are constantly replaced by the earth's water systems, so its use contributes to the reduction in the number of trees needed for paper production and also helps preserve the environment.
Nick produces his trump card - a cute little girl called Dotty, who he says is her granddaughter.
THE owners of The Bull Inn in Llangollen said their trump card in seeing their profits rise was their new heated outdoor smoking shelter.
With a public that is today comforted into passivity, where even the typical blue-collar American enjoys more material comforts than did royalty a few generations ago, Zinn never considers that apathy--the affirmative desire to be excluded from participation in the political process, the preference to be uninformed--is the establishment's trump card.