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Synonyms for truly

Synonyms for truly

Synonyms for truly

in accordance with truth or fact or reality

by right


with sincerity

in fact (used as intensifiers or sentence modifiers)

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Games president Dame Louise Martin hailed cricket as a 'truly a Commonwealth sport' and said she hoped the 2022 event would ignite a lasting relationship with women's cricket.
The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless is priced at Rs 24,990, and is the more expensive option in the truly wireless earbuds space.
Get Me Out Of Here!, the mother-of-three wrote: "After much consideration, I have made the decision to step away from Truly.
Murder sets up the story, but Stevie and her friends make this reading experience truly delightful.
Willoughby's second parenting book is the follow-up to Truly Happy Baby, a Sunday Times bestseller and reportedly the bestselling parenting title in 2016.
Follow in the footsteps of kings and queens along secluded woodland trails, stand beneath some of the UK's tallest trees, and gaze out across a truly epic landscape.
AN airman from the Second World War known only as 'Yours Truly' is being hunted after pictures of his life overseas were left on a seat at a busy coach station.
In a world of "fake it till you make it," how can you tell when someone is truly confident - in his or her ideas, plans, and self - and, just as important, that the person's confidence is justified?
However, it got me thinking about how prepared we would be in the face of a truly disastrous natural event.
The dilemma whether the new mayor of Kicevo Fatmir Dehari will truly build coexistence in now a majority-populated Albanian municipality was imposed after literally in one day, more masts with the national flag of Albanians sprouted from Zajas all the way to Kicevo, Mariela Trajkovska comments in Dnevnik.
MAINS Four Truly Irresistible Aberdeen Angus Beef Burgers (454g), pounds 4 or three for pounds 10.
"The Truly Alive Child: For Those Who Seek a Grander Vision for Our Children" is a powerful read from Simon Paul Harrison who encourages greater pushes to help humanity through tough times and gain a more complete pursuit of peace and prosperity through encouraging education and making sure to make time for our children.
Just as a young child recognises the voice of the one who truly loves them, so we too must learn to recognise the voice of the one who truly loves us.
THE son of Susannah York, who has died of cancer, paid tribute to her as a talented actress with an eclectic career and a "truly wonderful mother".
Truly heard the stories about the witch, Tabitha, and her shadow book as a child.