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Synonyms for truly

Synonyms for truly

Synonyms for truly

in accordance with truth or fact or reality

by right


with sincerity

in fact (used as intensifiers or sentence modifiers)

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With Truly Napa Valley, travelers will discover wineries that offer something more, including incredible vistas, magnificent estates, ATV vineyard tours, eclectic art collections or just a down-home kitchen table.
In January 2012, Marte Kau, former editor of the glossy magazine Red, launched Truly Yours as a discover and try service for sophisticated beauty junkies.
MAINS Four Truly Irresistible Aberdeen Angus Beef Burgers (454g), pounds 4 or three for pounds 10.
I truly believe I really do That the sky will always remain blue I truly believe from what I have seen The grass will forever be the colour green I truly believe it is just a notion Fish will happily swim in the ocean I truly believe and do not fear All of our animals will never disappear I truly believe the future looks bright Day will stay day, night stay night I truly believe we will learn to love each other Our Earth will be one big family sister and brother I truly believe food will be plenty No-one's stomach will ever be empty If, I truly believe will it come true?
When have Afro-Americans truly had the means of production and distribution over this music-the record companies and distributors?
When are they going to get with the program and develop vehicles that have truly unique interiors and exteriors, while sharing the same guts?
What happens next will indicate whether or not you have a truly effective team.
On Talking Terms With Dogs: Calming Signals by international dog trainer and behaviorist Turid Rugaas is a truly "user-friendly" guide to understanding and communicating with your dog.
The solution, consolidation, will occur as soon as the construction market becomes truly competitive, and as soon as the contracts between general contractors and owners become a truly fixed cost.
ON Wednesday, a truly amazing thing occurred in the Los Angeles City Council's chambers: The nation's highest paid elected municipal officials commenced a meeting, on time.
A truly dastardly crime has caused chaos in Ant Hill: some cows are missing and a bunch of ladybugs are surely to blame.
A medical intuitive (her father and grandfather were doctors), an author and a health educator, Caroline Sutherland is an expert on weight loss programs, allergies, and preparing truly memorable dishes in the family kitchen.
The Bolshoi dancers performed as though they truly believed in this grandiose world.
I also cannot say anything that could truly reflect the awe and respect the great men and women of our military inspire within me.
That's because most of our medical peers feel that once you have gone into management, you are truly not a doctor any longer--you drank from the Kool-Aid.