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Synonyms for truism

Synonyms for truism

a trite expression or idea

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The first truism examined in this edition is that competition in the defense market should replicate the commercial market by reducing costs and increasing innovation.
Another truism that Sartain and Schumann espouse is the importance of executive leadership in embracing and living the brand.
Of course, this attraction may only be due to the stereotype itself--what self-respecting straight guy wants to take up ballet?--which is why truisms have a way of coming true.
The truism about stretching is that to prevent athletic injuries one must warm up, stretch, exercise, stretch, and then cool down.
One of the truisms about the paper industry is that we are a tight-knit bunch, and that people like to stay in this industry once they are in it.
These conclusions were reached in a series of studies published between 1964 and 1972 by Professors Douglas and Davie, and have been accepted educational truisms since that time.
Well, in 2004 (as J@pan Inc reported in its May issue) companies such as NEC and Toshiba are set to challenge both these truisms with a single sleek package--a fuel-cell battery pack that will power your portable PC for just about as long as you can type.
It appears that many of higher education's cherished truisms and sacrosanct assumptions about the very core enterprise of teaching, knowledge, and learning are on the block.
Their game, rather, is to welcome the apparent inescapability of their situation and to juggle truisms until the viewer becomes disoriented by their dexterousness.
Klauer described the many truisms and adages of flying that his instructor had passed along to him.
As a result of his desire to avoid the obscurities of current critical discourse, perhaps, Storey's argument relies on truisms and tautologies.
GENTLEMEN prefer blondes, blondes have more fun, all a man desires is a buxom blonde - you've probably heard these truisms' repeatedly, but is that how it really is?
THE truisms in the story headlined So True: 30 Amazing Truths also appeared in the book 100% True published in November by stone soup (ISBN 0954179803 available at Borders, Waterstone's or see - price pounds 2.99) (Page 29, February 2).
Common wisdom often seems embodied in popular songs--just as truisms, like cliches, have the awkward habit of being true.
In the iconographic truisms of black representation, Ligon questions the "truth." And, according to catalogue essayist Wayne Koestenbaum, "The good may be approached only through the sacrilegious vocabulary of the out-of-bounds."