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Synonyms for truism

Synonyms for truism

a trite expression or idea

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That's a truism that certainly needs to be borne in mind in any dealings at any time on the internet.
The long-held truism that every second German is a book buyer no longer seems to hold up (AFP Photo/AMELIE QUERFURTH/MANILA BULLETIN)
Rishmawi added that there is very important things behind community based truism first that we as Palestinians have a story had not been told and Palestinians love to tell their story and they like to talk to the internationals visiting them about our life under occupations our life our coulter our food and that's very important issue.
A second truism is that the Operating and Support (O&S) costs account for about 70 percent of the total life-cycle costs of the average weapon system.
Recognize business truism number 2: The hard truth is that customers do not care about you.
don't look a gift horse in the eye." It brings to mind that other truism: "You can't polish a turd."
It is a truism that local government is the level closest to the people, but that truism also represents a reality that every resident of every place in this country will understand well, as they experience how their home towns are run.
He relies on a truism to the effect that truth depends on the world and not the other way around.
In December's Engineer's Notebook, Dan Int-Hout states a truism that energy managers of the 1970s and '80s also faced: energy costs are about 1% of the cost of doing business, causing some to say why bother.
BANGOR: 1.55 Raincoat, 2.30 One Of The Boys, 3.05 Vertige Dore, 3.40 Gamesters Lady, 4.15 De Soto, 4.50 Art Deco SALISBURY: 4.55 Gross Prophet, 5.25 Morache Music, 6.00 Sixty Roses, 6.30 Royal Exchange, 7.00 My Manikato, 7.35 Hayzoom, 8.05 Spinning Waters SANDOWN: 2.05 Jameela Girl, 2.40 Grudge, 3.15 Muntasib, 3.50 Truism, 4.25 Calipatria, 5.00 Brigadoon WOLVERHAMPTON: 6.45 Only A Game, 7.15 Bendigedig, 7.45 Bachelor Knight, 8.15 Broadway Dancer, 8.50 Join Up, 9.20 Kyle Of Bute YORK: 1.45 Trovare, 2.15 RIO DE LA PLATA (NAP), 2.50 Palace Moon, 3.25 Mister Hughie, 4.05 Edmaaj, 4.40 Plymouth Rock
TRUISM, out of the money just once from five outings at his local course, gets the vote in a wide-open event.
The present Lib Dem leader in Wales is critical of all and sundry, reminding me of the truism spoken in the film A Beautiful Mind that "conviction is the luxury of those who are on the sidelines".
(or Before the real estate Crash), it was axiomatic that you could sell a home for more than you paid for it in New York City.But that truism seems shaky these days, especially for boom-time buyers.
The three-year-old, recording her third win of the campaign, scored by a length and a half from Truism on behalf of the Future In Mind partnership.