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Synonyms for truism

Synonyms for truism

a trite expression or idea

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Rishmawi added that there is very important things behind community based truism first that we as Palestinians have a story had not been told and Palestinians love to tell their story and they like to talk to the internationals visiting them about our life under occupations our life our coulter our food and that's very important issue.
A second truism is that the Operating and Support (O&S) costs account for about 70 percent of the total life-cycle costs of the average weapon system.
Limited to just four starts in 2009, Truism again produced his best run of the summer here as he went down by an agonisingly close nose to Kaolak in September of last year.
Indeed, Truism is taken to rubberstamp Perrett''s expertise with progressive three-year-olds in the Trinidad & Tobago Handicap.
Amanda Perrett's team are flying, and she and brother-in-law Jim Crowley completed a double with Truism in the median auction maiden and Colourways in the 1m3f handicap.
This story proves a truism once again: Some people are obsessed and passionate about recreational linguistics .
Proving yet again the truism that team merchandise sales levels mostly track oncourt success, the league attributes the higher sales to a surge in interest in the Boston Celtics, as well as improved play by such teams as the LA Lakers, the Golden State Warriors and the New Orleans Hornets.
It is a truism that governments and civil servants look after themselves to a high degree, all in the name of public service.
It's too easy to lose sight of that simple truism in the era of disenfranchised and disempowered teachers, but Moss, to his credit, keeps running.
Another truism that Sartain and Schumann espouse is the importance of executive leadership in embracing and living the brand.
AS corporate America deals with the dynamics of a changing economic landscape, an age-old truism still exists: Following human resources, real estate represents a company's largest investment.
It is an old truism, still true, that the best policy makes the best politics.
But as long as legendary Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi's truism that "winning is the only thing" remains the bible of sports, we cannot expect the players to deviate from the official script.
It is a truism, an unquestioned cultural assumption, that there's something inherently "feminine" about dance, just as--for all the efforts by feminists to change this bias--we still see sports as irreducibly "masculine" at root.
This brings to mind the truism that history is as much about forgetting as it is about memory, a truism particularly apt when it comes to American history and its relationship to slavery.