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representing things or actions or conditions as they actually are


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Locally, True-to-Life Paranormal Research has investigated the train tunnel in Clinton, the Boylston Library, and several buildings in Uxbridge.
SRS WOW (*7) features three surround modes to deliver true-to-life reproduction of sound.
is the only company to recreate a true-to-life Wide Area Network (WAN) environment in the lab, to determine the actual performance of even the most complex IP-based applications, technologies and services.
This gossipy, true-to-life tale about first crushes (no sex here) will appeal to middle school and junior high girls; it's not necessary to have read the other Bad Girls titles to appreciate this one.
Buried beneath a classic whodunit is a complex view of contemporary society that takes unexpected true-to-life turns.
Featuring an innovative design, the dlite II combines a modern office lamp with Blackstone's exclusive Full Spectrum Certified[TM], energy-efficient natural indoor daylight bulbs; allowing users to charge and listen to their mobile device, simultaneously while enjoying the benefits of reduced glare and eyestrain and the true-to-life color of Full Spectrum lighting.
An initial chase proves viscerally jarring when a rusty nail goes through a kid's foot, and a fight to the death is noteworthy for its true-to-life awkwardness and breathless exertion.
Setting the story in a true-to-life corporate environment adds a sense of reality to the book.
Founded in 2003 by industry veterans, LifeSize's award winning solutions combine exceptional quality, user simplicity and administrator manageability to make video communications a productive, true-to-life experience.
Male egos are fragile yet shatterproof in this true-to-life debut novel.
Animators are in the process of replacing the drab templates with true-to-life replica Devon Rex cats.
In addition, Ojo customers are able to easily and simply connect their Ojo personal video-phone to their broadband networks to experience true-to-life video communications.
Gradually, not too profitable farmland was converted into a hugely profitable theme park and film production facilities, where reality could be convincingly portrayed through computerized imaging, true-to-life set designs, and mummified plants.
FIFA Soccer 07 on the Xbox 360 moves away from the traditional animation-based game engine and now enables raw physics and data to drive the action, creating true-to-life movement and the most advanced visuals seen in a soccer game.
The family dynamics in the play are so true-to-life, they will remind us of our parents, especially how roles don't change despite age.