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offering a series of statements each of which is to be judged as true or false

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Key Words: Multiple choice test, true-false test, difficulty coefficient, discriminating coefficient, reliability.
The second element of our SUMPRODUCT formula poses a similar TRUE-FALSE question.
True-False. The other popular type of objective test question.
They also answered a multiple-choice question about the study's overall findings and five true-false questions on the risks of hormone therapy.
A centrally located but otherwise thankless storefront gallery, Espace Ecureuil, for instance, became the ideal setting for disparate works evoking war: On the street level, Paul Seawright's large-format photos of barren postwar Afghan landscapes (Hidden, 2002) had maximum visibility for passersby, while the low-ceilinged, claustrophobic basement was fully exploited for Omer Fast's video installation A Tank Translated, 2002, with its true-false interviews of young Israeli soldiers who had served together cooped up in a tank, and Florence Lazar's equally claustrophobic videos of the ex-Yugoslavia, Femmes en noir (Women in Black), 2002.
Sequenced activities to assist meaning making may include recognition activities (like true-false or multiple choice), forced choice questions, information questions, putting sentences in order, and analysis and synthesis activities lake identifying main ideas or producing a novel version of the text.
The presentation begins with a series of true-false statements about homework: at what grades it should be given, types of homework, parental involvement, and the impact of homework on students.
There's also a simple true-false quiz to test your knowledge of general health issues.
National Board exams and the testing practices of many schools rely largely on multiple choice and various types of true-false questions that evaluate recall of factual material.
This volume provides true-false, single-best-answer, and multiple-choice questions for readers to test their knowledge of cancer of the head and neck.
"In addition to multiple-choice and true-false questions, Classroom Wizard also supports fill-in-the-blank, short answer, and will even collect an essay question," says Joanna Goldston, marketing manager for the product.
And if the improbable rice-paper metropolis and the ethereal street plan traced on the adjacent wall with straight pins and thread (from the series "Porque toda cuidad tiene derecho a Ilamarse Utopia" [Because every city has the right to be called Utopia], 2001) reflect the more urbanisric approach developed in Garaicoa' s project for last year's Documenta, these true-false cities--like the graffitied walls and the gardens of ruins he has been photographing for years, like the monuments he has redesigned with his architectural drawings, like the buried history he literally dug up on the Cuito Cuanavale battlefield--are also palimpsests of memories and dreams, inspired by two elements that know no borders: the precariousness of existence and the force of imagination.
Will this test be an objective (multiple choice, true-false, matching items), or a subjective (short answer or essay questions) test, or a combination?
Tests composed of multiple choice items have a number of advantages: ease and objectivity in scoring, potential to cover a large amount of content, and greater difficulty for students in guessing the correct answer than true-false (T-F) questions.