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Synonyms for trudger

someone who walks in a laborious heavy-footed manner

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When it comes to trudging Manchester United's new centre-half - signed in the wake of the mysterious Jaap Stampede out of Old Trafford - is top of the range: a terrific trudger, a tremendous trudger, a transcendent trudger, a trudger's trudger.
raised the bar for off-line Web browsing with the introduction of Trudger, a dynamic multi-platform Internet Web agent that makes Web surfing possible without a live connection.
Someone should rouse them from their sense of complacency and the unquestioning acceptance of the fodder the pissy, prissy people, the "elite," the censor-rejecter-propagandists, trudgers of long hallways, these craven muddlers and meddlers who huddle not for warmth but from fear of losing position, are foisting upon them.
Rapid Youth and No Paws are the two most active bands in that they play shows frequently, but Ancient Crux, Trudgers and Twin Lion all have releases.
They were far too quick for England's leaden-footed trudgers, who found that effort and industry alone are no match for real quality.