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Synonyms for trudge

Synonyms for trudge

to walk heavily, slowly, and with difficulty

Synonyms for trudge

a long difficult walk

Related Words

walk heavily and firmly, as when weary, or through mud

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Gone to join all your dear friends and once more it will be "Bushy the King and Trudge the Prince".
STOCKLAND Star players trudge dejectedly off the pitch after their Festival Premier game against Travellers was called off after the referee failed to show up.
He also wants to end the trudge around Blackpool, Brighton and Bournemouth by using modern venues, such as Cardiff
A brief trudge through this down-to-earth night sky, Floor Space, 2001, led to Blarney's second piece, Wall Space, 2001, a projection of a similarly starlit sky onto a large blank canvas casually propped against a wall.
Why trudge through galleries when you can sail through catalogs of paintings, sculptures and installations online?
Our forebears felt compelled to leave the comparative safety of their own hearths and go on pilgrimage, a wearying, sometimes terrifying, life- threatening trudge along muddy rutted roadways that bore no resemblance whatsoever to a super-highway.
The tree we removed today and now tow behind us as we trudge silently through the fading winter light will help fill our house with Christmas and our hearts with peace.
And I don't walk to the Metro these days, I trudge. Trudge under a blanket of darkness ever-alert someone is going to pounce.
All the travellers from Amsterdam arriving at Cardiff are required to trudge up many stairs, merely to present passports to the immigration officials, and then stagger back down the stairs to the baggage hall.
My elephant never did trudge on his own over the Crimea.
Scott, a floor layer in Fife, wrote: 'I was fitting a flat in Edinburgh and I parked outside on a double yellow to trudge up six flights of stairs with four carpets and my tools.
Wouldn't it be great at the end of each run not to trudge uphill hauling a heavy sled?
What a base mindset he reveals as he belittles the work of thousands who daily trudge to perform the tasks the rest of us would loathe.
SHOULDERS bowed with weariness, four teenagers from Liverpool trudge homeward after a back-breaking day cockle-picking on a treacherous Welsh estuary.
THE fact that trudge euphoria chose not to capitalise their name may be an indication of a subconscious lack of confidence but then it could just be a surfeit of self-conscious psuedo-trendiness; either way, the journey they've embarked upon is a dangerous one, fraught with band-swallowing bogs.