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a low bed to be slid under a higher bed

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The truckle bed and field bed were smaller and more transportable, and might have made useful stage beds, although they had particular functions and associations in the real world not in keeping with the contexts for the use of at least some of the beds required in the theatre.
There was one each in the parlour (which also contained a truckle bed which could be pushed under the main bed during the day) and `his lodginge Chamber', and two in `the best chamber'.
In 1648 there were three more truckle beds. Four chairs replaced the eight benches of 1627.
The little hand-cranked and gasfired Witmee roaster was up on the fifth floor, so that there wasn't far to go and he had a small truckle bed to sleep on when his watch was over.
Bed (II), stand bed (I, IV, V), stand testered bed (IV, V), great stand bed with a tester (IV, V), standing bed (I, II, III, V), plain standing bed (II), standing bed with a tester (II), standing bed with wainscot tester (III), bedstead (III, IV, V), bedstocks (III), pair of bedstocks (I, IV, V), pair of plain bedstocks (II), wheel bed (II, V), truckle bed (I, IV, V), pair of truckle bedstocks (I), trundle bed (III), trundle bedstead (III).
A Gentleman of the Bedchamber came to meet him and conducted him with all ceremony to a tiny panelled room with a narrow truckle bed in one corner and another stretcher bed under it.
A truckle bed, where one mattress pulls out from under the other, is a good option for smaller children.
Great for sleepovers New England bunk with truckle bed. Dividing bunk pounds 565 truckle bed pounds 195 (0845 872 2400,
Another space saving option for sleepovers is a truckle bed, where the extra bed tucks neatly under the main one, and can be pulled out easily when friends come to stay.
The award-winning children's retailer has everything you'll need for your child's entertainment, including well-made toys, sturdy bunk-bed, and truckle beds for sleepovers and storage.
The beds also have additional truckle beds underneath which can be pulled out if extra accommodation is needed.
Underneath it are two space-saving truckle beds which replace the traditional sofa bed used when families are staying in the room.
An inventory of 1680 lists all the contents of the room, mentioning a number of beds and truckle beds, tables chairs and blanket boxes.
An inventory of 1643 (probably after a re-building) indicates no fewer than16 rooms, including a parlour, pantry, hall and children's chamber, complete with truckle beds.