trucking industry

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an industry that provides transportation for commercial products

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The captains were selected from a group of 31 finalists who competed this week before a panel of judges from the trucking industry and related fields.
The Trucking Industry Track of Hiring Our Heroes assists veterans, transitioning service members and their spouses in finding careers in the trucking industry.
Although excessive taxes were seen as the root of the demonstrations, other concerns raised by the protesters included the inflated value of the Canadian dollar, high interest rates and deregulation of the trucking industry. Deregulation was initiated in January 1983, when the federal Bureau of Competition Policy recommended that Canada follow the lead of the U.S.
Profit Tools BI is enterprise intelligence made easy for the intermodal trucking industry.
The researchers behind Today s Youth, Tomorrow s Drivers found that Canada s youth have a relatively positive view of the trucking industry, and are attracted by many of the benefits offered by industry careers, says Tamara Miller, Trucking HR Canada s director programs and services.
The Government of Canada and the trucking industry are partnering to ensure more employees have the essential skills required to succeed in today s economy.
As ATA's Chief Economist Bob Costello points out in the report, American Trucking Trends serves as a snapshot of what the trucking industry and freight economy look like, and provides key insight for trucking industry stakeholders.
The national public outreach program is designed to educate the public about highway safety and the trucking industry.
trucking industry prices completed the first quarter of this year only 0.8% higher than a year ago.
Average transaction prices in the trucking industry are forecast to increase 0.9% in the last three months of 2013 compared to same-quarter-year-ago and increase again by 3.3% in the final quarter of 2014.
Inflation in the trucking industry slowed down over the summer, but did not damage margins.
WASHINGTON--The way the trucking industry and several major shipper groups see it, the candidate for the author of the most ridiculous bill in Congress is Rep.
All told, inflation for the entire trucking industry clocked in at a 1.8% rate.
trucking industry began 2013 the same way it ended 2012, with limited negotiation leverage and falling prices.
The report, titled "Truck Driver Misclassification: Climate, Labor, and Environmental Justice Impacts," cites the "capital barriers contractors face" as the reason "this segment of the trucking industry has the lowest compliance rates with California's current clean vehicle regulations."