truck garden

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a farm where vegetables are grown for market


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"They said that with that plow, you could cultivate and maintain a truck garden with just one implement," Chris says.
Located in Greenwich, a small, neat town in north central Ohio, the firm's first offering was the Centaur Model F, which was intended more as a truck garden machine than a farm tractor.
Frank says he bought his 1934 at a Horseheads, N.Y., auction and thinks it was used for vineyard or truck garden work.
When it was still early spring, Clara Ray, a widow whose husband had died in an underground mine accident, asked Jaye if he would plow her 1/2-acre truck garden. She lived 6-1/2 miles north of the McKees and had a daughter who also was 19.
The people who make a living off the land do so commercially, such as the owners of truck gardens and chicken farms along Batu Kawa Road, and the rice cooperative which farms the tongue of land across from Lundu town.
Its next tractor, powered by a 4-cylinder LeRoi engine, was a standard tread machine intended primarily for use in truck gardens, family gardens and orchards.
"All the truck gardens had these garden plows: the strawberry and flower growers, and orchards too," he says.