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a farm where vegetables are grown for market


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Earlier, it was a truck farm where his grandfather raised squash, cucumber, corn and tomatoes in the summer and greens in the winter.
The Truck Farm is proud to offer the Tia Rita and Desert Farms lines of Southwestern products, as well as Besito Caliente, an award-winning blackberry habanero gourmet sauce.
The company built its first phase of buildings in 1986 at its current location, which was part of an old truck farm with a fruit orchard.
When you compare the price of locally grown produce (even that purporting to be "organic") with the truck farm produce, it's not only better for your health and the environment, but it is economic.
She grew up on a small truck farm, going to weekend markets with her parents, and wants the Community Market to be something more than a cluster of neighbors trading vegetables in a parking lot.
Before long many companies were building truck farm tractors.
First I wanted to clear enough land to put in a trailer temporarily so I could live there while I cleared the remaining land sufficiently to build a barn and a house, acquire a few goats and chickens and establish a small truck farm. This man actually laughed in my face and said, "Do you think you can do what you want with your land?" Then he added, "You can do only what we allow you to do." I could not believe what I was hearing but further contact with these "Permit People" proved him to be horribly correct.
"Our family not only had an 80-acre truck farm, but we also had a greenhouse.
"Of course, others were modified into high-clear by their owners." Alex found his high-crop tractor in New York, where it may have been used on a truck farm. Other high-clearance Caterpillars, custom modified for nursery and truck farm work in New Jersey, were in attendance at the show, along with Tim Durkin's 1932 Model Ten High-Clearance.
I don't intend to truck farm the things; I just want to cut back on my feed bill and this seems to be the way to go.
They worked the truck farms that provided food to the masters who owned and the slaves who toiled on the great sugar and coffee fazendas.
Gasoline was subsidized to support the truck farms and markets.