truck driver

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someone who drives a truck as an occupation

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According to the UC Berkeley report, many truck drivers that meet the legal standard as employees are misclassified as independent contractors.
Two erring truck drivers received a literal early wakeup call from Manila Mayor Isko Moreno who spotted their vehicles illegally parked on a bridge during a pre-dawn inspection of the city Wednesday.
'I'm a poor truck driver. How can I do transaction when I have never got a bank account opened in my entire life?' he asserted.
The truck driver said the car driver likely yanked on the steering wheel after realizing the car was veering towards the inner lane, causing him to lose control of the car.
Both specifications seem relevant: a truck driver may leave the occupation because of earnings dissatisfaction and get a job in a different occupation, only to find that the new job does not pay more.
As a result, a 26-year-old truck driver, Waqar susffered severe injuries and died on the spot, while 30-year-old Khalid injured in the accident.
The truck driver and owner, along with the seized goods, were then sent to the province's military police base for further action.
Summary: A truck driver has been rushed to hospital
The traffic is only moving for truck drivers who part with money but if you don't have money you will remain there like it is your parking space,' another truck driver, Abubakar Sanni said.
A MAN in his 70s was rescued from a canal by a police officer and a passing truck driver.
The truck driver escaped from the crime scene, leaving his vehicle on the road.
Dubai Three men lost their appeals and will be jailed a month each for beating a truck driver after a road rage incident on Shaikh Zayed Road.
Between 1990 and 1995, British truck driver Twemlow transported goods to, from, and within Russia and the Soviet Union.
Salim bin Marzouq Al-Matrafi speaks at the launch of the truck driver skills development program in Jeddah on Thursday.