truck bed

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the floor or bottom of a wagon or truck or trailer

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18 December 2018 - US-based truck accessory provider Truck Accessories Group has closed the acquisition of Takit, Inc., dba Bedslide, a supplier of retractable truck bed cargo trays, the company said.
The truck bed floor should, after inspection, be covered with saw dust, wood shavings, sand or straw to provide good grip for the hooves and prevent animals from skidding.
The unit is reportedly easy to install in the truck bed and features a portable design.
So when Herculiner was ready to introduce an aerosol spray version of their number one selling truck bed liner product that was previously only available in roll on form, they tapped TFI Envision, Inc.
"During the past two years, we have evaluated Metso's truck bed lining through our existing life-cycle services contract for our Cat 793 Flat, CAT 793 DS and CAT 795 Flat [bodies].
Nothing was wrong with the truck, and the cab was clean, but the back of the truck bed had buckets, hoses, welding leads, ladders, chock blocks, chains, gas cans, a chainsaw, a sledgehammer, come-a-longs, a creeper and a compressor.
We encourage the community to stop by LINE-X of South Metro to learn about how LINE-X Protective Coatings and LINE-X PREMIUM are utilised not only as exceptional truck bed protection, but also in light-industrial, commercial and home based applications.'
The portable drum and barrel scale has built-in wheels and handles for easily moving it within a plant, placing it on a truck bed or taking it to a job site.
Plans also call for expanding the plant's truck bed production capacity from the current 180,000 to 200,000 units by 2007.
(These issues are addressed in the API brochure Truck Bed Liners: Worker Protection.) The alliance with OSHA brings industry experts together to raise awareness of these job hazards and address worker-safety issues such as the proper use of personal protective equipment.
One of the ideas that the TTC folks provided to the new Tacoma is a fiber-rein-forced sheet-molded compound (SMC) truck bed that, according to Obu, costs 50% less to tool than a steel bed, is 10% lighter, and is tougher and more durable than a comparable steel bed.
We didn't worry about a grain tarp since the loaded truck didn't run fast enough to blow the grain out of the truck bed. The truck bed held about 125 bushels of grain, which was all the tires could haul, anyway.
Scott McGuire then climbed into the truck bed and broke out the back window.
Large Platform & Opening--Full 50 inches wide x 41 inches deep (+6 inches loading ramp) steel or aluminum platform and a 52-1/2 inch wide opening into truck bed. The two piece tread plate platform closes evenly with sides of truck bed for normal rear visibility.
But even when the sights are in their cases it's still a good idea to tie down the cases on the truck bed to keep them from jumping around.