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Synonyms for truancy

Synonyms for truancy

an unexcused absence

Synonyms for truancy

failure to attend (especially school)


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Eden Boys' School had the lowest truancy rate in the city.
In the Mesquite ISD case, the groups allege that a student - referred to as "B.H." in the complaint - was referred to truancy court twice for multiple absences but that no treatment programs were documented or discussed.
In the past, truancy applied mainly to students who skipped entire days of school without being formally excused.
"We want to see the students who have legitimate excuses for not being in school completely removed from the truancy court system."
And while some deliberately skive - setting off for school, but then hanging around on street corners and in parks - it would be wholly misleading to blame all truancy on a tidal wave of wilful disobedience.
"Truancy prevents young people from achieving their full potential.
Local schools with persistent truancy have worked with pupils and Kirklees Council in an effort to reduce the problem.
But this is still a 42% increase on 1996-97, when the truancy rate was 0.73%.
If the students do not physically enter the school building and attend classes, the students are not attending and may be subject to truancy proceedings.
The council's cabinet member for education and leisure, Councillor Phil Bevan, said the operation aimed to stop truancy and educate children about the impact of their behaviour.
IN THE THREE YEARS that Erick Casas-Fuentes has been in high school, he's gotten three truancy tickets for being out on the streets during school hours.
TRUANCY teams took to the streets of a Teesside estate to look out for children dodging school.
More than 40,000 pupils missed nearly half their education during the autumn term as truancy rates rose, Government figures showed yesterday.