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Synonyms for truancy

Synonyms for truancy

an unexcused absence

Synonyms for truancy

failure to attend (especially school)


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Truancy became its PET Project: Police Eliminating Truancy by tackling its underlying causes and, at the same time, reducing the criminal behavior that resulted when juveniles spent their day on the street instead of in the classroom.
The bill also requires public schools to implement truancy prevention programs and develop new methods of punishing students are punished after multiple absences.
New data shows both the truancy rate and the number of frequent truants remain higher than two years ago, meaning too many kids are still bunking class under National.
The passing of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 represented progress toward truancy reduction because the federal government mandated attendance tracking for the first time in U.
However, with the astronomical incidences of truancy, one must wonder: Is the place from which these buffoons wander a good place?
Wyoming and Texas are the only two states that try truancy cases against minors in adult court.
The message to parents is that we are working together to combat truancy and that parents need to take responsibility in ensuring their children attend school every day.
Local schools with persistent truancy have worked with pupils and Kirklees Council in an effort to reduce the problem.
The overall truancy rate for all schools in England dropped marginally to 1.
Operation Thornhill sees officers from the Safer Schools Partnership and the City Council's Truancy Watch join up to catch pupils illegally skipping class.
If the students do not physically enter the school building and attend classes, the students are not attending and may be subject to truancy proceedings.
A FOUR-DAY police operation targeting truancy resulted in letters being sent to the parents of 20 schoolchildren.
TRUANCY teams took to the streets of a Teesside estate to look out for children dodging school.
More than 40,000 pupils missed nearly half their education during the autumn term as truancy rates rose, Government figures showed yesterday.