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Synonyms for truancy

Synonyms for truancy

an unexcused absence

Synonyms for truancy

failure to attend (especially school)


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Corpus Christi (Text): The daytime curfew has cut down on the truancy problem considerably simply because school-aged kids observed wandering the streets or in locations away from school are easily detected, and they have come to know that.
I welcome this opportunity to help students in all states improve their lives through education because the implications of truancy threaten to cripple our nation," said Ms.
Right now, school administrators, court personnel and elected officials are wading through nearly 100 pages of what was House Bill 2398, but will on September 1 become the state's new truancy law.
The Government's Education Bill will "put teachers back in control of the classroom so pupils can learn without disruption and teachers have more power to tackle truancy," Mr Gibb said.
The statistics show a jump in truancy rates in primary schools, with pupils missing 0.
But persistent absentees also accounted for 53 per cent of all truancy across primary and secondary schools.
Liverpool's Truancy Watch team stopped 1,500 children last year and 593 pounds 60 penalty notices were issued to the culprits' parents.
But ministers have also called for some parents to do more to get their children to school after reporting that half of pupils caught on truancy sweeps were found with an adult.
The education authority decided it was safer to close all schools in the borough on Thursday because of the dangerous weather conditions, so the truancy watch officer used his Land Rover 4x4 to make deliveries instead of picking up kids bunking off class.
This year, more than 1,500 children were stopped during truancy sweeps across Liverpool.
Middlesbrough, which was made the subject of a truancy blitz last year, Redcar and Cleveland and Hartlepool all reduced truancy figures for their secondary schools.
Youngsters out of school are more likely to get involved in burglaries, drinking or other trouble, officials said, adding that they are announcing the truancy sweeps - though without providing a schedule - to warn parents that truants will be cited and ordered to appear in court.
As many as one in three secondary school pupils have skipped class according to a new survey on truancy across the UK.
One in three secondary school pupils in the UK has skipped class, according to a new survey on truancy.
The rule will prevent 16- and 17-year-olds who violate state truancy laws by missing seven or more classes without an approved excuse from getting their licenses.