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a system of weights used for precious metals and gemstones

an ancient city in Asia Minor that was the site of the Trojan War

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Troy!--that she should know what has happened, and should have an opportunity of defending herself.
There is no viler creature come before Troy with the sons of Atreus.
They forget the promise they made you when they set out from Argos, that you should not return till you had sacked the town of Troy, and, like children or widowed women, they murmur and would set off homeward.
As the serpent ate the eight fledglings and the sparrow that hatched them, which makes nine, so shall we fight nine years at Troy, but in the tenth shall take the town.' This was what he said, and now it is all coming true.
He had left a wife behind him in Phylace to tear her cheeks in sorrow, and his house was only half finished, for he was slain by a Dardanian warrior while leaping foremost of the Achaeans upon the soil of Troy. Still, though his people mourned their chieftain, they were not without a leader, for Podarces, of the race of Mars, marshalled them; he was son of Iphiclus, rich in sheep, who was the son of Phylacus, and he was own brother to Protesilaus, only younger, Protesilaus being at once the elder and the more valiant.
The RSPCA was called in to investigate after a witness spotted Troy looking so skeletal he was described as a "dead dog walking".
In her Instagram account, Michelle posted photos of her and Troy in the ceremony, including Michelle and Troy kissing their daughter Anika.
Thomas Troy will become the California-based insurer's new CEO on April 8, 2019.
Michelle Madrigal and Troy Wollfolk | Save The Date Video
Troy R&D is continually exploring the newest avenues for product technology that optimizes performance, sustainability, and value.
Troy invests significant resources in research and development to address emerging needs and is dedicated to providing customers with continually improved products.
When Troy was 7, she so accurately forecast her future that the drawing she did then now hangs in her new Comprehensive Gastrointestinal Health medical office opening this week in Northbrook.
But the story of Troy is not only about war, but also love.