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treasure of unknown ownership found hidden (usually in the earth)

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(51) William Henry Brockett, 'Observations on Treasure Trove' Gateshead Observer, 28 Aug.
The trove included correspondence between the terror leader and his far-flung affiliates, and a diary written in bin Laden's own hand.
The businesswoman, who has invested her savings into the new venture, has transformed the premises into a 'browsing treasure trove'.
Records seized from investigator Steve Whittamore in 2003 contained a "veritable treasure trove" of information about how newspapers ordered searches on everything from addresses to criminal records, the hearing was told.
Trove announced on Monday the launch of an app for the Windows Phone and for Windows 7 tablet devices.
On Wednesday the Post launched its service, a web site that allows users to personalize their aggregations, which "factors in a reader's likes and dislikes," the company said in a release.
Graeme Skinner's paper based on his recent PhD research at the University of Sydney highlighted the immense leap in accessibility that the National Library of Australia's Trove site has provided for researchers in early Australian music history (see
A treasure trove of Mediterranean delights and fascinating Pompeii.
The firm found a new oil trove in the North Sea called Kinnoull two weeks ago.
Home addresses, dates of birth and passport numbers were all said to be accessible for more than a year creating what the Tories dubbed a "treasure trove for international terrorists".
The photographs, drawings, and descriptions "form a treasure trove for understanding the places where students have learned and professors have taught," says CIC President Richard Eckman.
Finding Lost: The Unofficial Guide is a treasure trove of insights and foreshadowings revealed about the pop culture sensation that is the hit television series "Lost".
Actor John Carlyle is known primarily as the sometime lover of Judy Garland, but his book Under the Rainbow: An Intimate Memoir of Judy Garland, Rock Hudson and My Life in Old Hollywood (Carroll and Graf) is more than a kiss and tell: It's a treasure trove of gay Tinseltown secrets.
has redeveloped a trove of prime real estate, including the $230 million Residences at the Bath Club and $140 million Royal Palm Hotel, both in Miami Beach, and the $53 million Courtyard by Marriott Convention Center and $112 million 10 G Street N.E.
When they meet the young bookseller William Ireland, who claims to have discovered a treasure trove of some of the Bard's original documents, including a "new Play," they are enchanted with the idea.