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flesh of any of several primarily freshwater game and food fishes

any of various game and food fishes of cool fresh waters mostly smaller than typical salmons

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All the same, though I affected to take him seriously, I had little suspicion how much that trout was to mean to me,--yes, within the course of a very few moments.
"Madam," I said, breathlessly springing forward, as a heavenly being was coldly tearing the hook from the gills of the unlucky trout, "though I am a stranger, will you do me a great favour?
It was nearly five years ago that I caught that trout."
I'd gone out pike fishing, bless you, never thinking of a trout, and when I saw that whopper on the end of my line, blest if it didn't quite take me aback.
And yet, in the face of famine and the rigorous winter, he went out gayly in quest of a mess of trout, forsooth, because he "doted" on them!
"Then you won't have another chance to get a mess of those trout you just
Billy would not force the mares and promptly camped beside a brawling stream from which he whipped two trout at a time.
"Maybe it was like the man who was arrested for catching trout out of season.
BUT the trout was so displeased with the taste of the macintosh, that in less than half a minute it spat him out again; and the only thing it swallowed was Mr.
Our famous north-country trout stream wound its flashing and foaming way through a ravine in the rocky moorland.
Sometimes on the little level strip of sand at the foot of the bank, sometimes (when the stream turned again) in the shallower water rushing over its rocky bed, the angler followed the captured trout, now letting the line run out and now winding it in again, in the difficult and delicate process of "playing" the fish.
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On the 24th, the travellers took final leave of the Sweet Water, and keeping westwardly, over a low and very rocky ridge, one of the most southern spurs of the Wind River Mountains, they encamped, after a march of seven hours and a half, on the banks of a small clear stream, running to the south, in which they caught a number of fine trout.
We've got a bite of supper ready, and Captain Jim brought up some trout for you.
Doctor's delicacies but the piece de resistance was undoubtedly the big platter of sea trout.