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the personal outfit of a bride

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Maggie had returned without a trousseau , without a husband,--in that degraded and outcast condition to which error is well known to lead; and the world's wife, with that fine instinct which is given her for the preservation of Society, saw at once that Miss Tulliver's conduct had been of the most aggravated kind.
But perhaps no persons then living--certainly none in the neighborhood of Tipton--would have had a sympathetic understanding for the dreams of a girl whose notions about marriage took their color entirely from an exalted enthusiasm about the ends of life, an enthusiasm which was lit chiefly by its own fire, and included neither the niceties of the trousseau, the pattern of plate, nor even the honors and sweet joys of the blooming matron.
If I'd spent some fifteen hundred roubles on them for the trousseau and presents, on knick-knacks, dressing-cases, jewellery, materials, and all that sort of trash from Knopp's and the English shop, my position would have been better and .
Though Penelope galloped, Mademoiselle Cormon, absorbed in thoughts of her trousseau and the wedding-day, declared again and again that Jacquelin made no way at all.
MmeDjamila Brik a, tout en saluant l'initiative de la Fondation Madjid-Bougherra et AT, rappele que le ministere de la Solidarite nationale a innove, cette annee, en accordant une enveloppe financiere a toutes les directions de l'education, specialement pour le trousseau scolaire.
LAHORE -- The second day of Hum Bridal Couture Week saw acclaimed designers as well as retail brands presenting glitzy statement bridal trousseau.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Nov 21 (NewsVoir): Lingerie occupies a very special place in a girl's bridal trousseau as it not only forms the foundation of all her bridal and honeymoon outfits but also is a part of all the intimate moments that she shares with her special someone.
New Delhi The trousseau is an exciting and much dreamt about part of the wedding journey for the bride-to-be but when she actually comes to the task, the thought is daunting given the million other things that are in need of immediate attention.
In the early evening, the PFDC brings to fashion week bridal and trousseau shows from popular, commercially acclaimed brands including Ahmad Bilal, Ahmed Sultan, IVY, Rici Melion and Sara Rohale Asghar, alongside upcoming designers FAS, Mehroze Khan and Tabya Khan.