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And there hasn't been looting in the Paris area - at least, not on the grand scale - since the sans culottes (or "trouserless") mob ripped the heart out of Versailles during the French Revolution.
Trouserless Then there was Roman Abramovich's bid to buy the Stamford Bridge freehold from the Chelsea Pitch Owners, with no consultation about the club's future home and for less money, in real terms, than they'd paid for their shares.
Only a few days later, the collection included videos of a Google driver urinating in public, a driver drinking while driving and trouserless Germans flashing the Google car.
Here they are crashing through Bilking Square (a disreputable location named after a technique for 'getting a man trouserless, then running off with his wallet'); there they go bashing apart the exquisitely grotesque Federal Hotel, once adorned with 'griffins, eagles, cornucopia, cherubs, classical nudes, and a vast tableau depicting Aurora Australis, complete with Venus surfing in a seahorse-drawn chariot'.
The little Manikin, whose countless trouserless uniforms include a miniature tunic and bearskin of the Welsh Guards,has been showering us ever since with irksome regulations that defy what the rest of the world might see as conventional behaviour.
In one particularly poignant scene the audience sees him as a displaced Cupid, trouserless, his hair matted with grass and mud, his face smeared with lipstick and blood, the victim of a not altogether uninvited gay-bashing.
This historic landmark, built to look like a birthday cake, has featured in many a movie, including Arthur, Home Alone 2, The First Wives Club, North by Northwest (remember Cary Grant, trouserless, pretending to take a shower here?)
Latter strand leads to one of the most powerful sequences, in which Cheung, punished yet again by his dad, stands trouserless in the street, singing one of Brother Cheung's best-known songs.
Outside, unintelligible voices from a loudspeaker, not even distinguishable as language, only a rumbling, throaty sound, a clapping of shoes against flagstones, abating, and doors are banging, a whistle, squealing wheels, and I lie impassive, trouserless, in my darkness, behind the chink of daylight, while waves of sound roll over me, slowly washing fatigue from the darkness, world sound, community sound, State Railway sound, uncovering the words but also their incoherence, as something found and then put aside, on the beach, for instance, in my sleep or some other time.
During the lulls, there were long hours in campsites or time-consuming river crossings with cannons ferried on crude rafts, horses swimming, and trouserless soldiers.
Before they moved in, we were introduced to the many and varied ghosts for whom it had long been home - including a caveman, Scoutmaster, failed romantic poet, Army captain, 17th-century witch - and a trouserless Tory MP who passed away under embarrassing circumstances.
South Korea's coastguard Monday released a video showing the trouserless captain of a sinking ferry scrambling to safety as hundreds remained trapped inside -- a move expected to intensify criticism of the crew over the disaster.
It has also ruined two suits, which are now trouserless. One, a made-to-measure, bespoke TM Lewin outfit, set Julian back PS650, the other cost PS210.
Mr Newbury gripped the criminal's trousers with such force, Ali was forced to run away trouserless.
Dubbed "sans-culottes satirist" ("the trouserless joker"), showman, extremista and charismatic former comedian Beppe Grillo managed to stir a crowd of more than 30,000 people in Milan into a rage against Italy's establishment and corrupt political system as part of his "Tsunami Tour".