trouser leg

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the leg of a pair of trousers


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At Cardiff Quarter Sessions yesterday the Recorder, Mr Alun Talfan Davies QC, was told the trouser leg belonged to Roger Roberts, of Whitchurch, Cardiff, who admitted stealing a collection box containing 10s 6d and entering the woman's home, as a trespasser, and stealing PS2 10s 6d in cash.
She had to roll up her trouser leg in public while her prosthetic leg was swabbed in front of passengers.
uk, home of the famously cagey Wellington trainer, who's usually got a quiet one up his trouser leg for Chelters.
He was about to argue with the malapert when he felt the wet trouser leg stick to his calf.
I could see his ankle and a trouser leg and the ice cream on the floor.
He also admitted possessing a knife, which he revealed to police was hidden down his left trouser leg.
Teach him to "watch" you, this is incompatible with him pulling at your trouser leg.
At the police station, officers discovered more wraps in James' trouser leg, pounds 825 in his pocket and a mobile phone.
Gerry Hanretty, QC, agent for Quantum, suggested Rose might have fallen because high-heel shoe got caught in her trouser leg.
Ex-prisoner Mark Dismore, 25, had a wooden bat covered with nails stuck down his left trouser leg when he was caught stealing a bottle of aftershave from Boots in Middlesbrough.
Eyes like saucers, he tugged at my trouser leg (my lad that is, not Warwick) and tried to surreptitiously point to the mini actor.
Pulling up his right trouser leg Vic show me a huge scar across his kneecap.
But he was seen on camera to drop down his trouser leg two packets containing cocaine and heroin and kick them away, said prosecutor Edward Soulsby.
I was the first person in France to roll up one trouser leg as a fashion statement" - Footballer Nicolas Anelka.