trouser leg

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the leg of a pair of trousers


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But the knife only come to light when it dropped from Golden's trouser leg during a strip-search at the police station.
Teach him to 'watch' you, this is incompatible with him pulling at your trouser leg, then ask him to do something else like a 'big bear' or a 'paw'.
Officers found he was in possession of a large silver knife concealed down his trouser leg.
"Police felt a rectangular object underneath the clothing on his right trouser leg.
Daniel Lewis and Stephen Warburton stormed into the store wearing a balaclava made out of a trouser leg and a mask that was inside out.
The court heard a plastic tub containing two wraps of white powder fell out of his right trouser leg.
Child's Play I've got a flea in me ear I've got a bee in my bonnet I've got butterflies in me tummy I've got ants in me pants I've got a frog in my throat I've got a toad in the 'ole I've got an albatross round me neck I've got a ferret up me trouser leg? I've got a monkey on my back I've got a crow up me nose I've got an elephant in the room I've got a tiger in me tank I've got a wolf at the door Well!
A GRANDAD has described the amazing moment his grandson was born on the M42 - after falling down his mum's trouser leg.
Dwu/msd sn 080-3404 size 8 pvc boots, knee length, astm -f-2413-05 steel toe and steel shank instep, instep lined, top opening must be of sufficient size to allow trouser leg to easily fit inside boot.
A POLICE officer who helped to pull casualties from the terraces at Hillsborough said he felt a hand pulling at his trouser leg.
* The trouser leg follows the line of the leg with more ease than a tapered leg, falling from the hip and tapering toward the hem.
Now I can feel something clinging to my trouser leg, And I think 'What's that?' And it's a big, brown rat!
What else do you have?" he admitted "I have a fifth one too" as he pulled up his trouser leg to display one on the side of his shin.
No one will know you have them on until you pull up your trouser leg, so they're ideal for commuters who cycle to and from work in the dark, plus they will complement your high-vis jacket nicely.
Prosecutor Peter Humphrey-Jones told magistrates he stole items by hiding them down his trouser leg and the food, drink and clothing was worth pounds 238.