trouser leg

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the leg of a pair of trousers


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The court heard five minutes later he touched her foot again and put his hand inside the bottom of her trouser leg.
Puppies chasing mops and trouser legs should be discouraged, initially by standing still and making it boring.
The trouser leg follows the line of the leg with more ease than a tapered leg, falling from the hip and tapering toward the hem.
Now I can feel something clinging to my trouser leg, And I think 'What's that?
he admitted "I have a fifth one too" as he pulled up his trouser leg to display one on the side of his shin.
No one will know you have them on until you pull up your trouser leg, so they're ideal for commuters who cycle to and from work in the dark, plus they will complement your high-vis jacket nicely.
Prosecutor Peter Humphrey-Jones told magistrates he stole items by hiding them down his trouser leg and the food, drink and clothing was worth pounds 238.
She had to roll up her trouser leg in public while her prosthetic leg was swabbed in front of other passengers.
I was the first person in France to roll up one trouser leg as a fashion statement" - Footballer Nicolas Anelka.
He was about to argue with the malapert when he felt the wet trouser leg stick to his calf.
The serrated edge of my Spyderco Police Model opened his denim trouser leg like a zipper, allowing us to get at the limb and stabilize the fracture until the professionals could arrive.
That's why we wear these," said my guide, rolling up a trouser leg to reveal a pair of duck-egg coloured, woolly long johns.
A stumpsock is interposed where metal joins flesh, and the metallic knee further down can be bent and straightened with the aid of a lever reached through the trouser leg.
He also admitted possessing a knife, which he revealed to police was hidden down his left trouser leg.