trouser cuff

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a cuff on the bottoms of trouser legs

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I loved having a nice dinner on the table when he rolled in after dark, his fingernails caked with earth, twigs and leaves hidden in the most impossible places: behind his ears, in the hair on his chest, in his trouser cuffs. It seemed to be the life I'd always wanted to live.
Alves's research and speculative flourishes introduce us to ideas like "political seeds" and "floral accidents" and to the thought that seeds travel around the globe in trouser cuffs.--NM
In the absence of detailed instructions from your trainer, there's no need to get your trouser cuffs damp, you just ask somebody else and hope they've done the job for you.
I see its effects on my trouser cuffs, our hall carpet, our front sidewalk, the highways, everywhere.
However, a Victorian to his trouser cuffs, Jones refused to draw his old age pension considering it to be charity.
You can't be too hard on the trainers' representatives who chose low when given the option in the `draw for the draw' on Thursday - they were going with the trends and maybe hadn't wanted to get their trouser cuffs dirty by walking the course.
He liked to take the circumference of something small and insignificant - a button, an apple, trouser cuffs, things that were a kind of degree zero - and to show that by passing through the zero, as Jakob does, one could be liberated.