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After walks has shown me splashes upon his trousers, and told me by their colour and consistence in what part of London he had received them.
Since Seth had been a boy in knee trousers there had been a half expressed intimacy between him and the maiden who now for the first time walked beside him.
Was dressed, when last seen, in black frock-coat faced with silk, black waistcoat, gold Albert chain, and grey Harris tweed trousers, with brown gaiters over elastic-sided boots.
I walk always with my right hand closed round the india-rubber ball which I have in my trouser pocket.
Next, he hastened to his room, tore off the spotted trousers which seemed in his eyes a link to bind him to the gallows, flung them in a corner, donned another pair, breathlessly crammed his night things into his portmanteau, locked it, swung it with an effort from the ground, and with a rush of relief, came forth again under the open heavens.
Summary: Actress wore a trouser suit for her first official evening engagement with Prince Harry
A TROUSER press overheated and set fire to curtains causing a bedroom fire in Rhos on Sea.
Similarly, tailors sewing only shirt and trouser will have to pay professional tax of Rs.
I hate fussy clothes and would love to wear a trouser suit.
Keep your look modern with a pale spring coat Opt for a more mannish fit, allowing you to drape it over anything from suit trouser jogging bottoms, a floral dress and heels or even ripped jeans like Gigi Hadid, right.
He said he had kept the remaining money in one of the lower front pockets of his cargo trouser.
Director Richard Taylor said: "We are thrilled with the performance of our Wintra trouser which has become one of the bestselling golf trousers on the UK market.
When the police searched his room, 165 heroin capsules stuffed in trouser pockets were found, which he said was given to him by some one in Sharjah.
Double-breasted |coat PS450, crew neck jumper PS125, wool tailored trouser PS120, low top trainers PS160, all Whistles