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After walks has shown me splashes upon his trousers, and told me by their colour and consistence in what part of London he had received them.
Since Seth had been a boy in knee trousers there had been a half expressed intimacy between him and the maiden who now for the first time walked beside him.
Was dressed, when last seen, in black frock-coat faced with silk, black waistcoat, gold Albert chain, and grey Harris tweed trousers, with brown gaiters over elastic-sided boots.
I walk always with my right hand closed round the india-rubber ball which I have in my trouser pocket.
The Mason drew the shirt back from Pierre's left breast, and stooping down pulled up the left leg of his trousers to above the knee.
Next, he hastened to his room, tore off the spotted trousers which seemed in his eyes a link to bind him to the gallows, flung them in a corner, donned another pair, breathlessly crammed his night things into his portmanteau, locked it, swung it with an effort from the ground, and with a rush of relief, came forth again under the open heavens.
Fuschia suit jacket, PS49, fuschia slim trouser, PS30, white crop vest, PS7, all Topshop; Barnley patent clutch, PS33, Dune; Silver disc necklace, PS14, Next
Now the provincial government has decided to change the olive green uniform with sky blue shirt and navy blue trouser in the next fiscal year.
' You find a man in a trouser that is girlish and he is very comfortable.As if this is not enough, the issue of putting on baggy trousers is slowly dying.
M&S Collection shirt PS25, M&S Collection bikini top PS10, M&S Collection trouser PS29.50, bag PS19.50, shoe PS25 M&S Collection dress PS39.50, earring PS15, bag PS39.50, shoe PS45 Per Una top, PS27.50 Per Una trousers, PS35 earring PS12.50, bag PS29.50, shoe PS35 Left: M&S Collection bikini top PS10, M&S Collection bikini bottom PS8, M&S Collection shorts PS15, earring PS7.50, bag PS35 All prices correct at time M&S Collection jacket PS55, Autograph top PS45, M&S Collection shorts PS22.50, earring PS9.50, bag PS29.50 M&S Collection top PS15, M&S Collection trouser PS35, sunglasses PS15, shoe PS25 M&S Collection bikini top PS10, M&S Collection skirt PS39.50, earring PS15, bag PS25, shoe PS25
The waist of your suit trouser should fit that you don't need a belt to hold it up (you can use a belt or a suspender if you wish to do so).the seat should also nicely hug your body.
The father, however, alleges that the case's investigation officer Asmat Cheema conspired with the accused and deliberately tampered with the case's only evidence: the child's trouser.
A notification issued to all government schools and media said that in view of the prediction of extreme hot wave during summer, the students would be allowed to wear White Shalwar, Qameez (Shirt and trouser),
Raila was clad in a jungle green trouser, navy blue shirt and a cap marching his trouser greeted Uhuru as they walked towards the golf.