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Synonyms for trouper

Synonyms for trouper

a person who is reliable and uncomplaining and hard working

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an actor who travels around the country presenting plays

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As well as a tour of the UK, Super Troupers has played in Europe, Asia and America.
People interested in becoming a Circus Smirkus "trouper" have to send an audition tape in the fall, and then come to Vermont for a live audition in January.
A CONVERSATION on a plane inspired Mark Thomas to write the box office sensation stage show Super Trouper, which pays homage to the music of Swedish iconic pop group Abba.
BE a Super Trouper in this black star print jumpsuit, pounds 29.99, from River Island
"Absolutely no side, a real trouper." So much for rumour!
Republican or monarchist, you have to admit it - she's a real trouper.
An EastEnders source added: "Jessie has been a real trouper. She hasn't complained and she has come in and done everything that has been required of her.
And while the Eurovision-winning foursome have not reunited, Super Trouper are the next best thing.
You can see Middlesbrough College's finest students performing their versions of various ABBA songs at A special thank you to Karaoke master Steven Walsh, who was a Super Trouper too!
SUPER trouper Woolworths staff in Birmingham said it was 'nice knowing you' as the store closed for the final time along with 200 across the country.
Founded in 1987 by Director Rob Mermin who went to Europe to apprentice with a circus, Circus Smirkus allows youngsters ages 10 to 18 to run away to the circus for a summer as a trouper and learn the ropes of a traveling tent circus.
Members of Abergele swimming club described Ben as a "trouper" who was full of potential.
Once again Dame Shirley Bassey has proved what a real showbiz trouper is made of - and a deluge of rain and mud was not going to stand in her way.
AS BELGRADE staff rallied behind Linda Nolan last night, one said: "She's a real trouper."