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full of trouble

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Perhaps, as with pens and typewriters, it's a romantic gesture, a tip of the hat to a less troublous past.
About 10 days after the emergency declaration, nothing tangible seems to be happening in the area of implementation which was supposed to be immediate, though the governor and his deputy, Dr Femi Hamzat, have not stopped talking about their expectations of the dream Lagos and Lagosians, capping the talk with visits to some troublous environmental points in the state, like the Olusoosun dumping ground which challenges have seemingly remained intractable.
Aristotle used to say the world is passing through troublous times.
"It seems almost incredible to reflect in those troublous times of labour unrest, financial crisis, naval and military recriminations, strikes and unemployment problems, that but 12 short months ago, when the bells of peace rang out, all of us thought that a new era had dawned upon the world.
These features show that the weeds are very robust and troublous in the agriculture.
If Gwen sees The Godwits Fly as a 'semi autobiography', and if she sees the purpose of biography and autobiography as being to provide sufficient accurate material for one to understand as much as possible and therefore (as Gwen's repeated saying nearly goes) to forgive as much as possible, fictionalising those things that could be provided factually might be considered to be potentially troublous.
I link this visit to the diagnosis of cancer in Tolkien's first cousin, Mary Incledon, who knew Tolkien during the "sad and troublous" time in Sarehole, who was a fellow language inventor, and who experienced financial backlash from her father, Walter Incledon, for becoming a Catholic in a way very similar to the experience of Tolkien's mother ('"The Shadow of the Past'" 7).
Despite foreign exiles in England consorting with Chartists, Fenians and other threats to British security, 'all through those troublous times the right of asylum was maintained'.
Taoism again strengthens Tao Yuanming's determination of finding a harmonious and pure paradise in the troublous time.
(148) James Alfred Colbeck, Letters from Mandalay: A series of letters for the most part written from the Royal City of Mandalay during the troublous years of 1878-79 (Knavesborough: Alfred W.
Instead, President Dwight Eisenhower's Attorney General William Rogers objected to the measure in language that could be construed as either constitutional or policy arguments, asserting that "[f]ull and unimpaired appellate jurisdiction in the Supreme Court is fundamental under our system of government." (90) The Attorney General urged Congress not to repeat the "mistake" that it had made "during the troublous days of reconstruction," when it stripped Supreme Court jurisdiction in habeas cases.
It opposes "our" space, seen as a safe haven and a potential place of asylum, to "their" space as inherently troublous. Psychological works on identity building have amply reflected on the role of place in individual identity building--in particular "home," conceived either as "a fortress to be defended" (against invaders) or as "an expression of the self" (to the other);68 and the social dynamic at work here seems to build on the same element.
Skilful operation is conducted by self-regulatory skills to higher levels which include overall skills to recognize task urgency, create and assessment of replacement actions and determine same purposed in order to conduct personal effort and create personal encouraging to support sections about stress management and debilitate troublous thoughts.
Chapter 5, "Troublous Times, 1660s-1670s," recounts the growing unrest among Pueblo Indians against the Spanish government and missionaries, especially in light of the decade's drought and Apache attacks.
1465 Thus when my daies at length are ouerpast, and tyme without all troublous tumult spent, An aged man J shall depart at last, Jn mean estate, to dye full well content.