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full of trouble

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Despite foreign exiles in England consorting with Chartists, Fenians and other threats to British security, 'all through those troublous times the right of asylum was maintained'.
Taoism again strengthens Tao Yuanming's determination of finding a harmonious and pure paradise in the troublous time.
148) James Alfred Colbeck, Letters from Mandalay: A series of letters for the most part written from the Royal City of Mandalay during the troublous years of 1878-79 (Knavesborough: Alfred W.
90) The Attorney General urged Congress not to repeat the "mistake" that it had made "during the troublous days of reconstruction," when it stripped Supreme Court jurisdiction in habeas cases.
It opposes "our" space, seen as a safe haven and a potential place of asylum, to "their" space as inherently troublous.
Skilful operation is conducted by self-regulatory skills to higher levels which include overall skills to recognize task urgency, create and assessment of replacement actions and determine same purposed in order to conduct personal effort and create personal encouraging to support sections about stress management and debilitate troublous thoughts.
1465 Thus when my daies at length are ouerpast, and tyme without all troublous tumult spent, An aged man J shall depart at last, Jn mean estate, to dye full well content.
Leading journalist and communist organizer Marvel Cooke noted that: "morbidly curious throngs pass through their [mediums] portals day after day seeking advice on all sorts of problems - primarily, during troublous times, those affecting employment.
T]he President's course in this troublous time has been all that could be desired.
With that (he shrugging up his shoulders strong) Spake (like a Christian) in the Kentish tongue, Quoth he, Kinde sir, I am a Fisherman, Who many yeeres my living thus have wan By wading in these sandy troublous waters For Shrimps, Wilks, Cockles, and such usefull matters, And I will lead you, (with a course I keepe) From out these dangerous shallowes to the deepe.
The appalling absence of trial courts in Sulu and its municipalities bespeaks the troublous times besetting Sulu," the senator said.
Thus the military's troublous (mis)adventure in politics drew Nigeria to the fringes with the dubious regimes of Babangida and Abacha (1985-1998) as the worst period of crisis and military dictatorship in the entire post-independence period and as the time tickled away, the juntas and the whole military institution drifted and lost their sense of direction.
You will have heard in plenty of the troublous times in which we live in England these days," the father began, "and of the mighty struggle we are entered upon, of the difficulties to be met and overcome in achieving the ultimate and certain victory for rational and free-thinking peoples.
I wonder if Nathan's opera King Charles II, Merry Freaks in Troublous Times written in Australia in 1842 has survived in manuscript.
O LORD, support us all the day long of this troublous life, until the shades lengthen, and the evening comes, and the busy world is hushed, the fever of life is over, and our work is done.