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Synonyms for troubling

causing distress or worry or anxiety

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I often feel pressure not to hold students troubling emotions and not to suspend judgement but to fix the problem child.
Research has indicated that recipients of difficult or troubling news often feel as if the news has been delivered poorly.
Mishra is such a thoughtful and open-minded spiritual explorer (e.g., he acknowledges the Buddha's sexism--nonvirulent, but still troubling) that one feels an immediate urge to ply him with questions: for instance, given the way that Buddhism welcomes the findings of science, wouldn't the fierce intensity of the yearning for pleasure programmed into our genes over millions of years by natural selection suggest that only a tiny elite will ever achieve, or want to achieve, nirvana?
This fun but troubling journey into the gay world should not be bound by genre.
Even more troubling is Grob's apparent conviction that Europeans (the forefathers of modern Americans), beginning in 1492 were the first people to have engaged in long-distance trade.
The Coalition is also troubling because its activists introduce bitter religious divisiveness into our democracy.
A troubling fact of economic life is that the question on the lips of many foundry CEOs these days is "How do I save my business?" How should CEOs respond when their companies are in trouble?