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Synonyms for troublesome

Synonyms for troublesome

causing difficulty, trouble, or discomfort

troubling the nerves or peace of mind, as by repeated vexations

hard to treat, manage, or cope with

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difficult to deal with

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The poster entitled, 'Troublesome Dyskinesia and OFF Prevalence Throughout the Day: Population Profile and GOCOVRIEffects on Frequency and Duration of These Episodes Relative to Placebo,' demonstrated that dyskinesia and OFF states occur erratically throughout the waking day in people with Parkinson's disease, and that GOCOVRIdemonstrated a reduction in the number, duration, and transitions between episodes of troublesome dyskinesia and OFF experienced daily by patients.
According to Monrufu, Suliyat who has four children for him is troublesome as he fights his family member and has left the house with his second wife.
The Parkinsons disease home diary data from the GOCOVRI Phase 3 pivotal studies clearly show that the entire waking day may be impacted by troublesome dyskinesia.
The British finance ministry has said that Scotland - if made independent - could have a troublesome banking sector.
and his attraction to macaronic doggerel [in The Troublesome Reign] ...
The talented central midfielder is back in full training having overcome a troublesome calf problem but Brandywell boss, Declan Devine, refused to give too much away.
We are also concerned about a troublesome neighbourhood matter.
Summary: Film star Ewan McGregor has hinted he may have been a troublesome teen.
has set up "troublesome" rules on makers of processors used to support the up-coming Windows tablet-computer operating system, Acer Inc.
Some are just passing through the neighborhood, and some are helpers as they feed on troublesome pests.
Top Gear (BBC2, 8pm) The troublesome trio are back for the 15th series and they kick off by sending James May up that troublesome volcano in Iceland, that has been causing everybody so much grief.
3 : likely to cause bother or discomfort : troublesome <an ugly situation>
Furthermore, implementation of this report's recommendations would not necessarily resolve all of the issues regarding troublesome clauses, but it would significantly improve what has become an increasingly untenable situation.
"The ERM-2 mechanism is troublesome. Should a decision about adopting euro be made, I would like Poland to remain in it for the shortest time possible," Skrzypek explained.
People living in the West Midlands are more concerned about troublesome teenagers than other forms of major crime, a public safety survey has found.