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Synonyms for troublesome

Synonyms for troublesome

causing difficulty, trouble, or discomfort

troubling the nerves or peace of mind, as by repeated vexations

hard to treat, manage, or cope with

Words related to troublesome

difficult to deal with

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My lord, we have lived in three different houses in our three years of marriage because of my wife's troublesome nature.
Flores said,"We look forward to continuing NWQI efforts in Upper Troublesome Creek while beginning new work in Niangua River and Basin Fork watersheds.
The British finance ministry has said that Scotland - if made independent - could have a troublesome banking sector.
and his attraction to macaronic doggerel [in The Troublesome Reign] .
And regarding the troublesome neighbourhood matter, within two years there's a move that will sort things out.
Furthermore, implementation of this report's recommendations would not necessarily resolve all of the issues regarding troublesome clauses, but it would significantly improve what has become an increasingly untenable situation.
Budge's troublesome conclusions follow a statewide trend.
Even though the old neighborhood has always been troublesome, this increase in crime is intolerable to Beka, and she aims to protect it against all odds.
But present behavior, especially troublesome behavior, can have an important connection to past history.
Muffin Monster[R] wastewater grinders shred rags, large disposable items, syringes, and other troublesome sewage solids into small particles that easily pass through pumps and pipes.
Fluorescent lighting in chip factories creates tiny, possibly troublesome welts on the silicon used to make microcircuits, new experiments suggest.
A Troublesome Creek Kids Story: The Munched-Up Flower Garden by Nancy Kelly Allen and featuring illustrations by K.
For African American writers, the demise of UPN is particularly troublesome.
It is this duty to forward contracts to NTSP and not independently negotiate with the managed care companies that is troublesome.
In eighteenth-century Britain and North America, newspaper advertisements were the primary means of publishing accounts of troublesome people and requesting further information about them.