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a worker whose job is to locate and fix sources of trouble (especially in mechanical devices)

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EWEB now relies on ARCOS to automatically track all available water troubleshooters and the crews able to respond to and restore service interruptions.
Hindi ba parang-nag-function as Cabinet Secretary, nag-function siya parang troubleshooter.
On the production level where troubleshooter has to deal with the damaged product, there is a need to support the reliable data, so that the problem can be solved in a shorter time and the material waste would be minimal.
The troubleshooter asked to climb up on the LEX next to the cockpit to see if he could fix the problem.
The business guru is The New Troubleshooter in a three-part BBC2 series which starts tonight.
He follows figures such as the late John Harvey-Jones - star of shows such as Troubleshooter and Back To The Floor - and Mary Portas in hosting BBC shows which try to transform business fortunes.
In replacing Pranab Mukherjee as the troubleshooter of the party and the government, Nath is expected to bring in his characteristic energy and vigour to his new role.
Holbrooke, the Obama administration's special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan since 2009 and a diplomatic troubleshooter in Asia, Europe and the Middle East who worked for every Democratic president since the late 1960s.
A scientific troubleshooter is not someone who pushes buttons faster or has more tricks up his or her sleeve.
Earlier this month Birmingham City Council hired troubleshooter Eleanor Brazil to turn round its children's services department.
An airframes troubleshooter climbs into the nosewheel well to investigate the problem and finds a tool in the up-lock hooks.
JOHN Yates is a troubleshooter used to handling the Metropolitan Police's hot potatoes.
The Government's North East Youth Climate Change Champion Jack White headed into the studio with his band Troubleshooter to record a new song.
Which Texan troubleshooter led the team which extinguished the fire on the Piper Alpha oil platform in 1988?