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a worker whose job is to locate and fix sources of trouble (especially in mechanical devices)

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The troubleshooter asked to climb up on the LEX next to the cockpit to see if he could fix the problem.
The business guru is The New Troubleshooter in a three-part BBC2 series which starts tonight.
He follows figures such as the late John Harvey-Jones - star of shows such as Troubleshooter and Back To The Floor - and Mary Portas in hosting BBC shows which try to transform business fortunes.
In replacing Pranab Mukherjee as the troubleshooter of the party and the government, Nath is expected to bring in his characteristic energy and vigour to his new role.
Based on current Fluke Networks' competitive analysis and market information of existing laser technology and frontline fiber troubleshooter claims.
The traditional troubleshooter documents the process inputs, which are machine-specific parameters that are entered into the machine.
Yet the former Birmingham social worker said the troubleshooter had a tough new job on her hands.
Launch procedure starts, and troubleshooters do their inspections.
NTRglobal today announced Computer Troubleshooters (CT) Global, LLC has signed an agreement selecting NTRglobal's remote support solution, NTRsupport, as its preferred remote solution for its 475 franchises worldwide.
JOHN Yates is a troubleshooter used to handling the Metropolitan Police's hot potatoes.
The Government's North East Youth Climate Change Champion Jack White headed into the studio with his band Troubleshooter to record a new song.
With listings of top job and career websites, resume advice, details on how to make the best decisions in a career path, and more, THE CAREER TROUBLESHOOTER comes from an author with over 17 years of career development and recruiting experience.
31, capping 20 years of leadership that has seen him play the role of troubleshooter in the conflict-riven Anglican Communion and as a strong advocate for peace in Northern Ireland.
Sir john harvey-jones was the first captain of industry to move into TV and his hit series Troubleshooter created the formula for the business reality show and spawned a generation of imitators.