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Contrary to his assertion, there are no "splendid steps to ruine" (2.4.1), but paths "obscure and mournfull." Amatory exile allows Titus to remain "great as a God," but Berenice's very literal banishment to an undistinguished, secluded place, alien and mean, "some Cave [where] this troubler of the world shall hide" (2.5.1), at once exposes and undermines her Roman lover's histrionics.
Blyth Valley's Ronnie Campbell is seeking information from Government ministers on the measures available to local councils, the police and law-abiding citizens to address the problems of troubleR, nuisance and disorder.
Finalement, c'est dans la perspective metatopique ou agonistique que la litterature peut troubler l'ordre du Meme.
Consider using a suitable troubler fungicide at T1 timing in the spring to enhance take-all control.
He survived the Restoration, partly on his reputation as an Arminian and a troubler of Puritans.
Il est certainement heureux qu'il y ait des gens pour troubler le bonheur beat des gens heureux [...].
It was the same hamstring compiaint which ruled her out of the Montreal Olympic Games in 1976 and which has troubler her throughout her running carrer.
From sublime to ridiculous in the space of a handful of holes summed up his opening round when a potential leaderboard troubler collapsed into one-over par.
But it can take away his or her role as prophet, as an advocate for the poor, or as a "troubler of Israel." Preachers should be free to preach the gospel without fear of detrimental repercussions.