trouble shooter

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a worker whose job is to locate and fix sources of trouble (especially in mechanical devices)

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As Matt Gallo, an online marketing specialist for Prospect Genius, explains, "Our main strategy, which involves search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, is geared toward helping Trouble Shooter Electric, Inc.
I felt I had to take this opportunity because I was getting stereotyped as a trouble shooter.
It wants an ``on call'' system for ``short term lesson exclusion'' and a trained member of the senior management team on call as a trouble shooter.
What we need now is a return to an old-style of nursing where a matron or a senior nurse acted as a trouble shooter and ensured her specific ward ran to its optimum.
TROUBLE shooter Susan Edwards has started a new business.
Darlington's Lingfield Point has linked up with public sector grants trouble shooter Grants First to offer free advice to potential occupiers.
The one-day event led by the town's Business Club will be staged at Aberystwyth Arts Centre on March 14 when speakers will include former ICI chairman and business trouble shooter Sir John Harvey-Jones.
Experienced trouble shooter, Ken Brumby, 56, has previously worked on major international contracts in the Middle East.