trouble maker

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to stand up to trouble makers to spare innocent lives and bystanders.
However, after the end of the protests, the cities of Tangier, Tetouan, Larache, Al Hoceima, Sefrou, Marrakech and Guelmim witnessed sabotage acts perpetrated by trouble makers, including minors and ex-convicts, he noted.
And he has called for action to deal with the trouble makers.
If we want to gain full economic and social empowerment, we must agitate--not because we are trouble makers, but because we are in trouble.
Jack commented: "My final piece is about the town of Holywell and how I feel it has been damaged by a minority of trouble makers, engaging in mindless acts of vandalism.
It should have assessed the risks to security staff, reviewed procedures for dealing with trouble makers and the chance of weapons being imported.
Police and stewards pounced on the trouble makers and led them away from the jeering home supporters.
I think they should have tackled the problem of the trouble makers rather than punish the young children.
These kids know the parks, the hiding places, the danger spots and the trouble makers.
A new "encounter" programme which had swung into operation is designed to get trouble makers off the streets.
Police and Sandwell Council officials have banded together in a bid to tackle teenage trouble makers.
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