trotting horse

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a horse trained to trot

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The bareback rider carefully stands on the trotting horse.
Little Henry trained Digger with his wrists tied to a trotting horse, and he'd run behind the horse up and down the road to Wynne mile after mile till he dropped like a discarded rag.
To obtain some of the photographs of moving horses, Chubb devised a makeshift seat on which he could dangle from the museum roof while an assistant below drove a trotting horse marked with white spots on key anatomical points to reveal the curve of the spine and the shifting of muscles in action.
GaitCheck analyzes the gait of a trotting horse and produces two gait scores.
They invariably greet your approach with a startled bellow, adopting the Trotting Horse pose.
The breed society - The Standardbred and Trotting Horse Association of Great Britain and Ireland, more often known by its abbreviated form STAGBI - has for the first time awarded a premium for the breeder of the best horse in each of the geographical regions of Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland.
The two trotting horse groups, l'Agence Francaise du Trot and Trotting Promotion, will continue to function as independent bodies.
The best trotting horse, called Nite'n'Gale, will be taking part, and he will have to give 70 yards start to some of the others.
Once seated in a citruscoloured booth we looked around and spotted even more oddities including pictures in the booths featuring price tags, numbered tiles on the floor looking for all the world like a hopscotch game and disembodied trotting horses legs hanging down from an overhead walkway.
Our trotting horses must be dependable, especially if we're out on the highway.
The highlight of the Tregaron festival, the Welsh Classic, attracts crowds of over 5,000, and features the world's best trotting horses competing for a top prize of PS7,000.
The clatter of trotting horses is hardly an appropriate replacement.
The Americans seized a number of horses, including approximately 300 Lipizzaners, over 100 Arabians, 200 thoroughbred and trotting horses, and 600 Cossack horses.