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a long fishing line with many shorter lines and hooks attached to it (usually suspended between buoys)

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Set your trotline by regularly advertising in multiple places: on your website, in trade magazines, on Craigslist, and on the "Big 3" players in social media: Linkedln, Twitter, and Facebook.
Didn't you ever run a trotline, a trotline right at
1) by a sport fisherman (Seidensticker, 1982), and from 1987 to 1990, numerous others were incidentally snagged on trotlines and or captured in gill nets in the river upstream and downstream of Pine Island Bayou (J.
Actually his hut and trotline and fish trap were in almost the exact center of the thousand and more acres his ancestors had once owned.
This is a restless landscape populated with mythic boys, drunken boats, hoodoo talismans, trotlines, swamps with cypress knees that resemble tombstones, glinting switchblades, and rivers teeming with slithery gars, catfish, and crawdads.
All fish entered into TrophyCatch must be caught legally in Florida waters using an active hook-and-line method (bush hooks, snatch hooks, set lines, trotlines are excluded as a method to take largemouth bass).
Similarly, proposals shouldn't be spread out like trotlines.
Another 60 papers explore such topics as population characteristics of channel catfish in Nebraska's Platte River, the historical use of "willow cats" as bait in the Upper Mississippi River Valley, the selection of interstice size by juvenile flathead catfish, using soap bait to prevent turtle bycatch on trotlines, and interactions between catfish and freshwater mollusks in North America.
Sampling is conducted using 200-foot (60-meter) trotlines with 40 hooks per line, each baited with worms.
It was ordinarily used on offshore fishing grounds, such as Georges Bank, for hauling trotlines set mainly for cod and haddock and for hauling harpooned swordfish, Xiphias gladius.
Commercial fisherman catch the peelers molting in the shallow waters and eel grass using trotlines.
9 hours pedal time), trotlines (121 lines with 10 hooks each @ 4.
However, neither species was collected in our samples during 2000, although local commercial fishermen reported increased catches of gafftopsail catfish on their trotlines in the lake during 2000.
so you can quietly get out and check your trotlines, reaching down into the calm water and feeling that awesome tug on the line, knowing you've got a big flat-head or blue?
Circle hooks probably work well for what they were designed to do--catch swordfish on 10-mile-long trotlines in 1,000 feet of water.