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Synonyms for troth

the act or condition of being pledged to marry

Synonyms for troth

a mutual promise to marry

a solemn pledge of fidelity


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"The servant of God, Konstantin, plights his troth to the servant of God, Ekaterina." And putting his big ring on Kitty's touchingly weak, pink little finger, the priest said the same thing.
O Lord, our God, who hast poured down the blessings of Thy Truth according to Thy Holy Covenant upon Thy chosen servants, our fathers, from generation to generation, bless Thy servants Konstantin and Ekaterina, and make their troth fast in faith, and union of hearts, and truth, and love...."
"Troth, no!" And he laid hold upon the packet and retired into the barn to shift himself, recommending me in the meanwhile to his kinsman.
And therefore it is a good shrewd proverb of the Spaniard, Tell a lie and find a troth. As if there were no way of discovery, but by simulation.
She cannot avoid using her Sight to replay the violence and untimely death of her fellow villager by the hateful, goblinlike Troths. This Sight often brings Lark haunting visions, including one of a beautiful young man with sage-green eyes ...